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Laurentia Drewry

1847 - 1924

Laurentia Drewry Baptism

Life History


Born in London, Middlesex.

30th Jun 1847

Baptised at St John's Notting Hill.


See also Georgina and her Sisters.

In the 1871 census, the family are living in Cottage Road, Paddington. Laurentia's profession is ' Reader at Newspaper Officer'.

In the 1881 census, at 1 Westbury Terrace, unmarried, her profession is 'Author Corrector Of Press', still living with her father and sisters.

In the 1891 census, Laurentia is living with her sister Edith, in Southampton Row, in Bloomsbury. She is described as: 'Author (novelist) Press Corrector'

In 1895, the Electoral Register has Laurentia and Edith Stewart Drewry in 86, Southampton Row, Finsbury, London.

In 1897, the Electoral Register has Laurentia and Edith Stewart Drewry in 108, Southampton Row (86, renumbered).

In 1898 and 1899, the Electoral Register has Laurentia and Edith Stewart Drewry in 2, Queen's Square, Finsbury, Holborn, london.

In the 1901 census, Laurentia, 54, is still living with her sister Edith but now they have moved to Queen's Square. And Laurentia has metamorphosed into Laurie Lansfeldt.

The UCL Bloomsbury Project observes that in Queen's Square (also known as Devonshire Square), in 1901, "the Christian mystic novelist Laurie Lansfeldt shared no. 2 with the journalist and author Edith Stewart Drewry."

In 1901, 1902 and 1903, the Electoral Register has Laurentia and Edith Stewart Drewry in 2, Queen's Square.

In 1905, 1907 and 1909, the Electoral Register has Laurentia and Edith Stewart Drewry in 99, Camberwell Grove.

In the 1910 Electoral Roll, Laurie Lansfeldt is living in 250 Portsdown Rd.

In the 1911 census Laurie Lansfeldt and her three sisters are living in 250 Portsdown Rd

Laurie LansfeldtSingle64 Writer of Fiction and Journalist b. Kensington, London


In the 1921 census at 250 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale:

Edith Stewart DrewryHeadSingle80yrs 8mthsNovelist (Retired)b. Paddington, London
Laurentia DrewrySisterSingle74yrs 8mthsNovelist b. Paddington, London
Caroline ThomasServantSingle59yrs 7mthsGeneral Domestic Servant b. Shoreditch, London

In the Electoral Register of 1923 all four sisters are shown to be still living in 250 Portsdown Road.


Laurie_Lansfeldt_UnknownToHerself.jpg See fuller discussion in Georgina and her Sisters.


Most of Laurentia's stories are written as 'Laurie Lansfeldt'. We can only guess where the name came from. In the 1850's and 60's when Laurrentia was a young girl there was a very famous, extraordinary, beautiful and daring adventuress, Lola Montez (originally Eliza Gilbert), who styled herself the 'Countess of Lansfeldt' - perhaps she is the source of the name).
In the earliest work we have record of (below), Laurentia uses the Drewry name but adds a middle initial, 'M'. Why? (for 'Montez' perhaps.)

Mutiny Leigh by L. M. Drewry [1875] Victoria Magazine, Volume 25

As Laurie Lansfeldt (author and journalist):

Divided by Love [1882]

A Brave Young Heart [1885]

Her Own Enemy [1887]

This Modern Mystery [1889]

The Inspirationist [1889]

Story of a Tiger Skin [1893]

A Daughter to Sell [?] (serial?)

Her Double Gift [1893]

The Greatest Gambler in Europe [1893] – short story in the 'Newcastle Courant'.

A Pencil Sketch [1893]

The Piano Tuner's Romance [1893] – short story in the 'Newcastle Courant'

Criminal or Avenger [1894] in The 'Leeds Times'

The Alien of the Family [1894] (in 'Christian World Annual')

"The book is well written, and fairly interesting"

A Perilous Expedient [1895] (Read this Story)

Unknown to Herself [1897]

"It seems almost incredible that an author to whom three previous novels are attributed should show herself in a fourth still unacquainted with the rudiments of literary expression."
"The various dramatic incidents are splendidly brought up." — Dundee Advertiser.
"The whole story is capital." — East Anglian Daily Times. (See also right.)

A Bit of a Hero [1899] – short story in 'Blackburn Standard' (by the author of 'Divided by Love')

A Brave Woman [1900]

Agatha's Privilege [1900] – (Read this Story)

Her Bid For Love [1901] – serial (source)

Miss Forester's Land Steward [?] – serial

Graham Delaware's Wife [?] – serial

Nobody's Son [?] – serial


Birth: Mar 1847, Kensington, 3, 344
Death: Mar 1924, Drewry, Laurentia, aged 77, Marylebone, 1a 918