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Anne Theresa Leatherbarrow

Anne Theresa

1888 - 17th Aug 1970

Life History



26th Nov 1913

Married Edward Vose in St. Mary's, Little Crosby.

21st Sep 1914

Birth of daughter Mary Catherine Vose in Little Crosby.

21st Apr 1916

Birth of daughter Theresa Vose


Birth of son Thomas Vose

12th Jul 1923

Birth of daughter Catherine Vose

26th Sep 1952

Death of Edward Vose

31st May 1970

Death of son Thomas Vose

17th Aug 1970



Should Theresa's father be Joseph Alloysius?

Ann Theresa and her sister Mary both married Vose brothers.

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Birth: Births Jun 1888, Leatherbarrow, Ann Theresa, W. Derby 8b 50[9_]
Marriage: Dec 1913, Vose, Edward, m. Leatherbarrow, W. Derby 8b 810
Marriage: Dec 1913, Leatherbarrow, Ann T, m. Vose, W. Derby 8b 810


A card from Theresa to her Edward Vose, 1909:


A postcard to Theresa from 'nanny ba' or 'nanny la':


A card from Theresa to her mum:


Theresa, buried with her husband and son