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Edward Vose

7th Feb 1881 - 26th Sep 1952

Life History

7th Feb 1881

Born in Little Crosby, Lancs..

26th Nov 1913

Married Anne Theresa Leatherbarrow in St. Mary's, Little Crosby.

21st Sep 1914

Birth of daughter Mary Catherine Vose in Little Crosby.

21st Apr 1916

Birth of daughter Theresa Vose


Birth of son Thomas Vose

12th Jul 1923

Birth of daughter Catherine Vose

26th Sep 1952



From IGI

1. Edward Vose
Birth: 07 Feb 1881, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Father: Thomas Vose
Mother: Catherine Wharton

2. Edward Voce
Birth: 07 Feb 1881, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Marriage: 1913, West Derby, Lancashire
Spouse: Ann T Leatherbarrow
Death: 26 Sep 1952, Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1891 census in The Village, Little Crosby.

Thomas VoseHead51Blacksmithb. Little Crosby
Catherine VoseWife40b. Little Crosby
Edward VoseSon10b. Little Crosby
Elizabeth VoseDaughter9b. Little Crosby
Thomas VoseSon7b. Little Crosby
Helen VoseDaughter3b. Little Crosby
Joseph VoseSon11 mthsb. Little Crosby

In the 1901 census in The Village, Little Crosby.

Cathrine VoseHeadWidow49b. Little Crosby
Edward VoseSonSingle20Bricklayers Labourerb. Little Crosby
Thomas VoseSonSingle17General Labourerb. Little Crosby
Ellen VoseDaughter13b. Little Crosby
Joseph VoseSon10b. Little Crosby

In the 1911 census - Little Crosby

Catherine VoseHead58Widow, House Work (8 children born alive, 7 still alive)
Ned VoseSon30General Labourer
Joe VoseSon20General Labourer

In the 1921 census - at 2 Dibb Lane, Little Crosby

Edward VoseHead40 yrs 4 m.Married Labourer on Estate
of F.R. Blundell, Esq., Crosby Hall
b. Little Crosby
Ann Theresa VoseWife33 yrs 1 m.Married House Dutiesb. Little Crosby
Mary Catherine VoseDaughter6 yrs 9 m. Schoolb. Little Crosby
Teresa Mary VoseDaughter5 yrs 2 m. Schoolb. Little Crosby
Thomas GerardVoseSon2 yrs 3 m. b. Little Crosby

By the 1921 census the family had moved into 2 Dibb Lane (photo, as it is now in 2020, on the right).

In 1919, according to his war record, Joseph B. Wharton, who shared a great-grandfather with Edward - one of the wheelwright Whartons - lived in Dibb Lane - probably in No. 1 (though he may have lived in no. 2 before Edward and family). His wife was Alice née Seddon, and his children William (b.1911) and Harry (b. 1914).

Joseph Wharton (picture below) was one of the first members of the Tank Corps in the first World War, and if he was a neighbour in no 1, might have influenced Thomas Vose's choice of service in the second World War.

In the Great War, 1914-19

Edward served in the King's (Liverpool) Regiment.

The two crossed axes on his right sleeve tell us that Edward was a 'Pioneer'.

"Historically, the primary role of pioneer units was to assist other arms in tasks such as the construction of field fortifications, military camps, bridges and roads. Prior to and during the First World War, pioneers were often engaged in the construction and repair of military railways." [Wikipedia]

Edward's service number was 041930.

Various battalions of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment landed at Le Havre in 1914 and 1915.

They were were in the thick of it:

The Somme

the The Battles of





Flanders in October 1916

at Pilkem Ridge and Menin Road Ridge during the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

at Cambrai where they suffered very heavily during the German Counter Attacks in November 1917.

In 1918 they were in the Battle of the Lys and the Defence of Givenchy

In October, 1918, they took part in the Final Advance in Artois.

I believe Edward's brother-in-law, Joseph Leatherbarrow served in the same regiment and died at Ypres in 1917.

From freeBMD

Birth: Mar 1881, Voce, Edward, W.Derby 8b 537
Birth: Jun 1888, Leatherbarrow, Ann Theresa, W. Derby, 8b 50[9_]

Marriage: Dec 1913, Leatherbarrow, Ann T, W.Derby, 8b 810
Marriage: Dec 1913, Vose, Edward, W.Derby, 8b 810

WW1 Embossed and embroidered cards from Edward, in France, to his wife and children

To France and Back