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Mary Vose

1876 - 1949

Life History

5th Sept 1876

Born in Little Crosby, Lancs.

23rd Jan 1904

Married John Reilly in St. Mary, Little Crosby.


Birth of son John Reilly


Birth of son James Reilly


Birth of son Thomas Reilly


From IGI

Mary Vose
Birth: 05 SEP 1876, Little Crosby, Lancashire, England
Father: Thomas Vose
Mother: Catherine Wharton

In the 1891 census at Hill Farme, Little Crosby Delph Road, Little Crosby:

Joseph RainfordHeadM55Farmerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Elizabeth RainfordWifeM52b. Gt Crosby, Lancashire
Mary BarnesDaughterM23b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Sarah RainfordDaughterS22b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Henry RainfordSonS17b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William RainfordSonS15b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Joseph RainfordSonS14b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Jane RainfordDaughterS11b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William BarnesSon-in-LawM26b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William SeddonServantS54Farm Servantb. Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas McCabeServantS28Farm Servantb. Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary VoseServantS14General Servantb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

In the 1901 census at Hill Farme, Little Crosby Delph Road, Little Crosby:

Elizabeth RainfordHeadWidow 63 Farmerb. N K
Henry RainfordSonSingle27Farmers Sonb. Little Crosby
William RainfordSonSingle25 Farmers Sonb. Little Crosby
Joseph RainfordSonSingle23Teamster On Farm (Farmers Son)b. Little Crosby
Jane RainfordDaughterSingle21 b. Little Crosby
Lizzabeth BarnesNiece9b. Little Crosby
Mary VoseServantSingle24 General Servant Domesticb. Little Crosby
Thomas LuptonServantSingle17 General Agricultural Labourerb. Great Crosby
George LuptonServantSingle16 General Agricultural Labourerb. Great Crosby
Mickle CrunfieldServantSingle25General Agricultural Labourerb. Ireland
Patrick RyanServantSingle 22General Agricultural Labourerb. Ireland

In the 1911 census

John ReillyHeadMarried36Farm Labourerb. America, Resident
Mary ReillyWifeMarried 7 years34b. Crosby, Lancs
Thomas ReillySonSingle6b. Crosby, Lancs
Stephen ReillySonSingle4b. Crosby, Lancs
John OliverBoarderSingle21Farm Labourerb. Crosby, Lancs

From freeBMD

Birth: Sep 1877, Voce, Mary, W. Derby 8b 316
Marriage: Mar 1904, Voce, Mary, West Derby 8b 626
Marriage: Mar 1904, Reilly, John, West Derby 8b 626

? Death: Mar 1949, Reilly, Mary, 72, Crosby 10c 113

The following possible birth dates have been found for the above children - assuming that they were born reasonably soon after the marriage:

? Birth: Sep, 1904, Reilly, John, W. Derby, 8b, 645
? Birth: Mar 1906, Reilly, John Edward, W. Derby 8b 683
? Birth: Mar 1905, Reilly, James Reginald P, W. Derby 8b 703
? Birth: Sep 1905, Reilly, Hugh James, W. Derby 8b 258
? Birth: Mar 1905, Reilly, Thomas, W. Derby 8b 316
? Birth: Jun 1905, Reilly, Thomas, W. Derby 8b 374
? Birth: Sep 1906, Reilly, Thomas, W. Derby 8b 422
? Birth: Jun 1907, Reilly, Thomas Bernard, W. Derby 8b 61

The following birth dates have been found for the above children - all but one with the mother's name given as Vose or Voce. However, the first birth is some 11 or 12 years after the marriage.

Birth: Sep 1915, Reilly, John, mother: Vose, W. Derby 8b 398
Birth: Jun 1918, Reilly, James, mother: Voce, W.Derby 8b 370
Birth: Dec 1920, Reilly, John, mother: Vose, W. Derby 8b 443
Birth: Jun 1921, Reilly, Thomas, mother: Reilly, W.Derby 8b 590