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June, 1925

June Isabella Stewart Story

3rd Jun 1914 -

Life History

3rd Jun 1914



Married John A. McCallum.


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Birth: Jun 1914, Story, June S, mother: Drewry, Fulham, 1a 454


In 1925, 'The West London Observer' records the participation of June and her Knight cousins, Phyllis, Margaret and Decima in a display of dancing put on by their ballet school at the Hammersmith Town Hall.

In the National Register of September 29th, 1939, four people are shown living at 120 Castelnau, Barnes:

Julia F. Drewry, aged 90; living on Private Means
Maude S. Story, 50 (mis-transcription?); Unpaid Domestic Duties
June I. S. Story, 25; Teacher of Pianoforte & Dance
and a further person whose details are hidden (probably because they might still be alive when the records were released).


June married John A McCallum.

Marriage: Jun 1945, Story, June I S, spouse: Mccallum, Surrey North Eastern, 2a 2

Marriage: Jun 1945, McCallum John A, spouse: Story, Surrey North Eastern, 2a 2

In the 1959 Electoral Register: McCallum, John A, and McCallum, June I. S.are recorded in Haslemere Road, Southgate.

Drewry Family, 1925, click for larger picture 1960 - emigration to Australia?

On the 20th December, 1960, June McCallum (46 yrs) and John A McCallum (46 yrs) embarked on the Orient Line ship 'Strathaird', bound for Adelaide.

With them were three boys aged 14, 10 and 6, and a girl aged 7.