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F W Knight, 1925

Frederick W. Knight

31st Jan 1879 - 21st Dec 1928

Life History

31st Jan 1879

Born in Shakespeare Road

4th Jul 1908

Married Annie Isabel Drewry in Kingston

7th May 1911

Birth of daughter Phyllis Isobella Knight in Kingston

21st Nov 1912

Birth of daughter Margaret Stewart Knight in Brentford, Middlesex

12th Feb 1914

Birth of son Frederick William Knight in Brentford, Middlesex

1st Mar 1920

Birth of daughter Decima May Knight in Richmond

21st Dec 1928



Chief engineer at Shelvoke & Drewry.

In the 1881 census, 21, Shakespeare Rd, Lambeth

Henry KnightHeadM30Book Maker Assistantb. Bermondey, Surrey
Herriet KnightWifeM28b. Bermondey, Surrey
Henry KnightSonS4b. Middlesex
Frederick KnightSonS2b. Herne Hill, Surrey
A M A EdwardVisitor (f)S29Drapers Assistantb. Kensington, Surrey
M A SharlandVisitor (f)S10Scholarb. Brixton, Surrey
A KnightServant (f)S16General Servant Domesticb. Brixton, Surrey

Curiously Vincent Fava Wood, brother-in-law of Charles S Drewry marries an 'Ellen Sharland' in 1885. However it looks like M A Sharland in the above 1881 census is Mary A Sharland in the following 1871 census:

Mary Sharland In the 1871 census, at Mostyn Road, Lambeth

John SharlandHead27Oilmanb. Surrey, Bermondsey
Mary SharlandWife28Oilman's wifeb. Surrey, Bermondsey
Harriet E SharlandDaughter2b. Surrey, Brixton
Mary A SharlandDaughter0b. Surrey, Brixton
Eliza J HillsServant17General Domesticb. Surrey, Bermondsey

In the 1891 census, 21, Shakespeare Rd, Lambeth, Brixton

Henry KnightHeadM42Manager to Boot Companyb. Bermondsey, London
Harriet KnightWifeM38b. Horsleydown, London
Henry KnightSon14Scholarb. Shoreditch, London
Fred KnightSon12Scholarb. Lambeth, London
Florence WallisServantS18General Servant Domesticb. Clapham, London

In the 1901 census, 5, Mordant Street, Lambeth:

Harry KnightHeadMar50Boot Manufacturerb. Bermondsey, London
H'y KnightSonS24Salesman Leather Bagsb. Shoreditch, London
Frederick KnightSonS22Clerk Merchantsb. Herne Hill, London
Annie CoeBoarderWid53House Keeper Domesticb. Marylebone, London

In the 1911 census, 14, Kingston Lane, Teddington

Frederick KnightHead32Insurance Clerkb. Herne Hill, Lambeth
Annie Isabel KnightWife29Married 2 yearsb. Bow E
Ena Eliza HarrisServant16General Servant Domestic, Singleb. Teddington, Middlesex


In the 1921 census, at 8, Cedars Road, Barnes, Surrey

Frederick KnightHead42 yrs 5 m.MarriedAssurance Clerk - Prudential Ass. Co.b. Herne Hill, Lambeth
Annie Isabella KnightWife40 yrs 11 m.MarriedHome Dutiesb. Bow, Middlesex
Phyllis Isabella Julia KnightDaughter10 yrs 1 m.Schoolb. Teddington, Middlesex
Margaret Stewart KnightDaughter8 yrs 7 m.Schoolb. Chiswick, Middlesex
William Frederick KnightSon7 yrs 4 m.Schoolb. Chiswick, Middlesex
Decima May KnightDaughter1yr 3 m.Schoolb. Chiswick, Middlesex
Henry KnightVisitor71 yrs 2 m.WidowerBoot Maker (retired)b. Bermondsey, Middlesex
Gertrude BrookServant23 yrs 8 m.SingleGeneral Domestic Servantb. West Lynn, Norfolk

Burial Register Frederick Knight died just before his father-in-law Charles Stewart Drewry and is buried in a plot beside Charles and his wife Julia, in the East Sheen Cemetery in Richmond.

Neither plot has a stone or any marking. (See photo in Julia's page.)


Marriage: Sep 1908,  Knight, Frederick, Kingston, 2a 887
Death: Dec 1928, Knight, Frederick, 49, Richmond S., 2a 654