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Annie Isabel Fava Drewry

Known as Bella


14th Jul 1880 - 22nd Mar 1968

Life History

14th Jul 1880

Born in London, Clapton.

6th May 1883

Baptised at St. John's Walworth.

4th Jul 1908

Married Frederick W. Knight in Kingston.

7th May 1911

Birth of daughter Phyllis Isobella Knight in Kingston.

21st Nov 1912

Birth of daughter Margaret Stewart Knight in Brentford, Middlesex.

12th Feb 1914

Birth of son Frederick William Knight in Brentford, Middlesex.

1st Mar 1920

Birth of daughter Decima May Knight in Richmond.

21st Dec 1928

Death of Frederick W. Knight.

22nd Mar 1968



Annie Isabel was more generally known as 'Bella' and this was her stage name.
Bella and her sister Maudie were both singers and members of the D'Oyley Carte Opera.

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Birth: Sep 1880, Drewry, Annie Isabella F, Poplar, 1c 630 (I assume 'F' stands for Fava)

Annie Isabel's baptism record

School Record

Maud_Annie_Drewry_school_recordSm.jpg 'M Mary Drewry' (aged 12) and her sister 'A Isabel Drewry' (aged 10) are registered at Goodrich Road School, Southwark, on the 24th February, 1890.

Their home address is given as 232, Barry Road.
The record shows that they have previously been educated privately for 6 and 5 years respectively.

In the 1891 census, 'Annie I.' is recorded with her parents in Camberwell. She is 10 years old, occupation 'Scholar', born London, Bow.

In 1892, Isabella Drewry is a witness to the marriage of her aunt, Mary Fava Wood.

In the 1901 census, Isabella Drewry, 'Living On Own Means', is staying with her uncle Vincent Wood and his family in Lambeth.

In 1903, in The Playgoer [Snippet view]

"The opening chorus of monks would have been better for a little more rehearsal, but the chorus soon warmed to their work, and little exception could be taken to the rest of the opera. The principal parts were sustained by Miss Bella Drewry and ..."

In 1905, 'The South London Press' records the meetings of the South London Operatic Society. Bella was a member as were her brother William and her sister Julia. Also in the society were Henry Knight and his son Frederick (who would later marry Bella)

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Marriage: Sep 1908, Drewry Annie Isabel, 2a 887
Marriage: Sep 1908, Knight, Frederick Kingston 2a 887

Annie Isabel's Marriage record

In 1909, in The Stage Year Book, page 139 [Snippet view]

"... Miss Bella Drewry, Surrey Masonic Hall in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, drama ..."

Drewry Family, 1925, click for larger picture Bella's son, Bill Knight, was a chorister, in Westminster Abbey choir; youngest general in British Army.

Her daughter Decima, also inherited her mother's singing talent. She married an American, Bob Button, and went to live in New Jersey.

Bella In the National Register of September 29th, 1939, four people are shown living at 131 Castelnau, Barnes:

Annie I. Knight, aged 59; Unpaid domestic duties
Margaret S. Lait, 27; Bank Clerk
and two others whose details are hidden (probably because they might still be alive when the records were released. Possibly Annie’s 2 other daughters, Phyllis and Decima).

Annie's mother and a sister are at this time living at 120 Castelnau - just across the road.