George Roberts Ada Anniss Mini tree diagram

James Samuel Roberts

1856 -

Life History


Born in Feock, Cornwall.

15th May 1880

Married Ada Anniss in Marylebone.


In the 1861 census at Richmond Hill, Kenwyn, Truro.

Roberts, GeorgeHeadM36ShopmanKea, Cornwall
Roberts, ElizthWifeM33DressmakerFeock, Cornwall
Roberts, James SSon5ScholarKea, Cornwall

In the 1871 census at Bosvigo Lane, Kenwyn, Truro.

Roberts, George Head M 49 Grocer's PorterCornwall Kea
Roberts, Elizabeth Wife M 44 DressmakerCornwall Feock
Roberts, James Son U 15 Grocer's ClerkCornwall Kea [near Feock]
Woolcock, Eliza J Niece U 28 DressmakerCornwall Kea
Kessell, Robert Boarder U 24 Wholesale GrocerCornwall Penzance
Guy, Richard Boarder 19 Ironmonger's PorterCornwall Penzance

In the 1881 census at 43, Thorngate Road, Paddington.

Roberts, James SHeadMar.25Drapers ClerkFeock, Cornwall
Roberts, AdaWifeMar.23Stonehouse, Devon

Is this the same J S Roberts?

"After the fierce debate on the names of God in 1877-1878 between Chinese Christians and the missionary J. S. Roberts, Allen held a competition to ask for Chinese Christian’s comment on the differences between the concept Tian and Shangdi." [Source no longer available.]

Also found:

Reference to "J. S. Roberts, 'Principles of translation into Chinese' in Records of the General Conference of the Protestant missionaries in China (1878)"

but the following might suggest that these references are not to 'our' J S Roberts:

"Rev. J. S. ROBERTS was appointed a missionary to China, by the Board of Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, and arrived at Hongkong with Mrs. Roberts on February 1st, 1862. After a few weeks lie left for Shanghae, where lie arrived on May 1st, and remained till February, 1865. He then went south for the benefit of his health, but after a few months stay at Hongkong and Canton, the change proving insuffi- cient, he left for America during the summer, and has not since returned to China."