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Ada Anniss

1858 - 1930

Life History


Born in Stonehouse, Devon.

15th May 1880

Married James Samuel Roberts in Marylebone.

26 May 1884

Death of James Samuel Roberts in Marylebone.

July 1885

Married Henry Preston in Plympton St Mary, Devon

Jun 1913

Death of husband Henry Preston(1849–1913)

April 1914

Married George F Wales in Fulham, London.

10th July 1930

Died - buried in Twickenham.



First marriage certificate


The witnesses are Ada's sister, Harry, and Elizabeth Terry. It looks like this was a double wedding as Harry and Elizabeth were married on the same day in the same church.
Ada and James acted as witnesses at their wedding.

In the 1881 census at 43, Thorngate Road, Paddington.

Roberts, James SHeadMar.25Drapers ClerkFeock, Cornwall
Roberts, AdaWifeMar.23Stonehouse, Devon

In the 1891 census in Islington, London.

Henry PrestonHead42DraperDevon, Plymouth
Ada PrestonWife31Devon, Plymouth
Alfred H. Prestonson14Devon, Plymouth
Colvin P. Prestonson4Devon, Plymouth
Emma Spoardservant4General DomesticUxbridge

In the 1901 census in Islington, London


In the 1911 census in Acton, Middlesex.

Ada PrestonWife52Devon, Plymouth
Edward Prestonson15London, Hornsey
Wilfred Prestonson12London, Hornsey
George F WalesVisitor52 ?? Surgeon RetiredBelfast, Co ..
Adolph Raspoarservant 20 DomesticAustria ....


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Birth: Dec 1857, Anniss, Ada, E. Stonehouse 5b 253
Marriage: Jun 1880, Anniss, Ada, Marylebone, 1a, 853
Marriage: Jun 1880, Anniss , Harry, Marylebone 1a 853

Marriage: Jun 1880, Roberts, James Samuel, Marylebone 1a 853
Marriage: Jun 1880, Terry, Elizabeth Hannah, Marylebone 1a 853


Alfred Henry Preston (1876–1960) - Stepson
Colvin Percy Preston (1887–1930)
Hubert Edwin Preston (1895–1973)
Wilfred Rendle Preston (1898–1963)