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Richard George Cook Anniss

1866 - 1952

Life History




Married Lily Elizabeth Cooper.


Death of Lily Elizabeth Cooper.




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Birth: Dec 1866, Anniss, Richard G C, St. Thomas 5b38
Marriage: Dec 1887, Anniss, Richard George C, St Thomas 5b 69
Marriage: Dec 1887, Cooper, Lily Elizabeth, St Thomas 5b 69

In the 1891 census, living in 1, Smithy, Hayer Road, East Budleigh

William AnnissHead Married 52 Black Smithb. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Mary Grace AnnissWife Married 50 b. Exeter, Devonshire
William T AnnissSon Single 30 Postman b. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Richd G C AnnissVisitor Married 24 Carpenter b. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Lily Elizth AnnissVisitor Married 25 b. Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire
Reginald A AnnissSon Single 16 Blacksmith Assistantb. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Sarah E G AnnissDaughter Single 15 b. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Albert D W AnnissSon 12 Scholar b. East Budleigh, Devonshire
Fredk G AnnissSon 7 Scholar East Budleigh, Devonshire
William J AnnissSon 1 b. Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire

In the 1901 census, in Cliff Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Richard AnnissHead 34Carpenterb. Budleigh, Devonshire
Lily AnnissWife35b. Salterton, Devonshire
William AnnissSon11 b. Salterton, Devonshire
Alice AnnissDaughter9b. Salterton, Devonshire
George AnnissSon8 b. Salterton, Devonshire
Adeline AnnissDaughter5b. Salterton, Devonshire
Percy AnnissSon4b. Salterton, Devonshire
Minnie AnnissDaughter2b. Salterton, Devonshire

In the 1911 census, in Cliff Road, Budleigh Salterton, Devon

Richard AnnissHead44Carpenterb. Devonshire, East Budleigh
Lily AnnissWife45Married 23 yearsb. Devonshire, B. Salterton
William AnnissSon21 Carpenter b. Devonshire, B. Salterton
George AnnissSon 18Stable Boyb. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Adeline AnnissDaughter 15Domestice Servant b. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Percy AnnissSon14Grocer's Errand Boyb. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Minnie AnnissDaughter12 School b. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Lily AnnissDaughter8Schoolb. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Thomas AnnissSon7Schoolb. Devonshire, B. Salterton
Albert AnnissSon4 Schoolb. Devonshire, B. Salterton