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Edwin Kent Anniss

1853 - 1935

Life History

30th March 1853

Born in Plymstock, Devon.

18th Februry 1935

Died in Ecila, Elburton, Devon.


In the '61 an '71 Censuses (on his father's page)

Military Records ('UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Admissions and Discharges, 1715-1925') have Edwin being discharged as a Lance Corporal from the 8th Regiment of Hussars in 1876 and 1882.

In 1923 Edwin married Margaret Sherwood (1876–1956) in Plymouth.

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Birth: Jun 1853, Anniss, Edwin Kent, Plympton 5b 208

Marriage: Jun 1923, Anniss, Edwin K, spouse: Sherwood, Plymouth 5b 627
Marriage: Jun 1923, Sherwood, Margaret, spouse: Anniss, Plymouth 5b 627

Death: Mar 1935, Anniss, Edwin K, 81, Plympton 5b 300

Mentioned in his mother's Probate


Edwin's Probate


On 21 December, 1912, Mr E. K. Anniss, a trader, aged 60, arrived in London on the Aberdeen White Star Line's 'Moravian', which sailed to England from Brisbane, Australia. Mr Anniss joined the ship at Durban and gave his 'Last Country of Abode' as Basutoland. A Mr E. K. Anniss died in South Africa, coincidentally, in 1935. So probably not 'our' Edwin.