Edward Anniss Mini tree diagram

Mary Grace Pollard

1819 - 1879

Life History



30th April 1845

Married Edward Anniss in Topsham, Devon, England.




In the 1851 Census: in Monmouth Street, Topsham, Devon:

Mary G AnnissWifeMarried32Seamstressb. Topsham, Devonshire
Sarah Anniss8Scholarb. Topsham, Devonshire

In the 1861 Census: in Topsham, Devon:

Mary G AnnissHead40Dress makerb. Topsham, Devonshire
Sarah PollardDaughter19Dress makerb. Topsham, Devonshire
John AnnissSon6 mthsb. Topsham, Devonshire

In the 1871 Census: in Shapter Street, Higher, Topsham, Devon:

Mary G AnnissHeadMar52indecipherableb. Topsham, Devon
Sarah E PollardDaughterUnm27b. Topsham, Devon
John AnnissSon10Scholarb. Topsham, Devon

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Death: Jun 1879, Anniss, Mary Grace, 60, St. Thomas 5b 41