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Charles Sage

1845 - 1925

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Married Elizabeth Moore Anniss.


Death of Elizabeth Moore Anniss.




Is Charles the brother of Ellis Sage who married Elizabeth's Sister, Jane?

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Birth: Mar 1846, Sage, Charles, Crediton, 10 91

From IGI:

Charles Sage
Christening: 08 Mar 1846, Morchard Bishop, Devon
Father: Thomas Sage
Mother: Elizabeth

In the 1851 Census in Lowertown, Morchard Bishop:

Thomas SageHead35Ag. Lab.b. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Elizabeth SageWife33Hand Loom Weaverb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Eliza SageDaughter10Scholarb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
William SageSon7Scholarb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Charles SageSon5Scholarb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Thomas SageSon3Scholarb. Morchard Bishop, Devon

In the 1861 Census in Lower Brownstone, Morchard Bishop:

John PageHeadUnm58Farmer of 220 acres
Employing 2 labourers
b. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Agness PageSisterUnm48Farmer's Daughterb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Elizabeth MorrishServantWid73House Servantb. Woolfardisworthy, Devon
Peter CannUnmServant39Carterb. Holcombe Burnell, Devon
William SageUnmServant17Carterb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Charles SageUnmServant15Cow Boyb. Morchard Bishop, Devon

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Marriage: Sep 1864, Sage, Charles, St Thomas 5b 65
Marriage: Sep 1864, Anniss, Elizabeth Moore, St Thomas 5b 65

In the 1871 census, in Village Street, Victoria Inn, East Budleigh:

Charles SageHead25Innkeeperb. Devon, Morchard Bishop
Elizabeth M SageWife27b. Devon, East Budleigh

In the 1881 census, in Eastbourne House, East Budleigh:

Charles SageHead35General Labourerb. Morchard Bishop, Devon
Elizabeth M. SageWife37b. East Budleigh, Devon
Ann J. SageDaughter7Scholarb. East Budleigh, Devon
Ada E. SageDaughter5Scholarb. East Budleigh, Devon
Elizabeth A. SageDaughter1b. East Budleigh, Devon

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Death: Mar 1925, Sage, Charles, 79, St Thomas 5b 40