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Ellis Sage

1835 - 1890

Life History


Born in Colaton Raleigh, Devon.


Married Jane Mary Anniss.


Death of Jane Mary Anniss.


Died in St. Thomas, Devon.


Is Ellis the brother of Charles Sage who married Jane's Sister, Elizabeth?

From IGI

Ellis Sage
Birth: 1835, Colaton Raleigh, Devon, England
Death: SEP 1890, St Thomas,Devon, England
Spouse: Jane Mary Anniss

From FreeBMD

Marriage: Dec 1857, Anniss, Jane Mary, St Thomas 5b 75
Marriage: Dec 1857, Sage, Elles, St Thomas 5b 75

In the 1861 census Oak Hill, East Budleigh:

Ellis SageHead 26Occupier of 12 acres of Landb. Colaton Raleigh, Devon
Jane Mary SageWife24b. East Budleigh, Devon
Sarah Ann AnnissSister-in-law19Lace Makerb. East Budleigh, Devon
George PileServant20Carterb. Otterton, Devon

In the 1871 census in East Budleigh

Ellis SageHead 36 Contractor Ecb. Colaton Raleigh, Devon
Jane Mary SageWife 34 b. East Budleigh, Devon
William Ambrose SageSon 8 Scholarb. East Budleigh, Devon
Jane Mary SageDaughter 3 b. East Budleigh, Devon
William Ellis SageSon 1 b. East Budleigh, Devon
Maria SageDaughter 0 b. East Budleigh, Devon
Elizabeth Emily A CookNiece 4 b. East Budleigh, Devon

In the 1881 census

Ellis Sage HeadWidower46Farmer Of 116 Acres 5 Labourersb. Colaton Raleigh, Devon
William A. SageSon18Work On Farm (AGL)b. East Budleigh, Devon
Jane SageDaur13Scholarb. East Budleigh, Devon
William SageSon11Scholarb. East Budleigh
Maria SageDaur8Scholarb. East Budleigh
Annie SageDaur7Scholarb. East Budleigh
Frank SageSon6Scholarb. East Budleigh
Bessie SageDaur4Scholarb. East Budleigh
Lucy SageDaur4Scholarb. East Budleigh
Elizabeth CookNiece15Servtb. East Budleigh
Sarah Ann KenwoodServtUnm.46b. Woodbury, Devon

From FreeBMD

Death: Sep 1890, Sage, Ellis, 56, St Thomas 5b 21