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William Anniss

15th Dec 1833 - 1887

Life History

15th Dec 1833



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William Anniss - Birth: 1833, Plympton St Mary, Devon, England
Father: John Anniss
Mother: Mary

In the 1851 England Census at Filwell, Aveton Gifford:

Augustus George LauzunHead Unm. 53 Farmer Of 71 Acres
Employing 6 Labourers
b. St Helliers, Jersey
Henrietta Louisa LauzunSister Unm. 63 Farmers Sisterb. St Helliers, Jersey
Francis Daniel LauzunBrother Unm. 61 Lieutenant R N Half Payb. St Helliers, Jersey
Anne EllisServant Unm. 43 House Servantb. Holbeton Devonshire
William AnnisServant Unm. 18 Farm Servantb. Plympton St Mary, Devon
Aaron EllisServant Unm. 18 Farm Labourerb. Kingston, Devon

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Marriage: Dec 1854, Anniss William Stoke Damerel 5b 578
Marriage: Dec 1854, Selleck, Eliza, Stoke D, 5b 578

In the 1861 England Census at Shaugh Prior, Devon:

William AnnessHead27Ag. Labb. Plympton St Mary, Devon
Eliza AnnessWife33b. Shaugh Prior, Devon
William AnnessSon6b. Shaugh Prior, Devon

In the 1871 England Census at Shaugh Prior, Devon:

William AnnissHead 37Farm labourerb. Plympton St Mary, Devon
Rosemund E AnnissWife43b. Shaugh Prior, Devon
William AnnissSon16?? Ag Labb. Shaugh Prior, Devon

In the 1881 England Census at Faunstan Cottage, Shaugh Prior, Devon:

William AnnissHeadMar47Labourerb. Plympton St Mary, Devon
Eliza AnnissWifeMar52b. Shaugh, Devon

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Death: Mar 1887, Anniss, William, 53, Plympton 5b 189