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Jane Alty

13th May 1828 - 25th Mar 1914

Life History

13th May 1828

Born in Little Crosby, Lancashire

30th Aug 1854

Married James Latham in Lancashire

22nd Oct 1857

Birth of son Edward Latham in Little Crosby, Lancashire

25th Mar 1914

Died in Lancashire


In the 1841 census, in High Town, Little Crosby:

Edward Alty45Farmer
Ellen Alty20
Robert Alty20
Peter Alty15
Mary Alty15
Jane Alty14
Joseph Alty12
Winefred Alty9
N K7

In the 1851 census, in Little Crosby:

Edward AltyHeadW59Farmer 30 Acres
Empl. 1 0utdoor & 1 Indoor Lab.
b. Little Crosby
Peter AltySonU29Farmers son Employed on Farmb. Little Crosby
Mary AltyDauU27Farmers daughter Employed at homeb. Little Crosby
Jane AltyDauU23Farmers daughter Employed at homeb. Little Crosby
Joseph AltySonU19Farmers sonb. Little Crosby
Henry C AltyGrandsonU9Scholarb. Little Crosby
Edward BillingtonGrandsonU4Scholarb. Little Crosby
Ellen HightonServantU27Farm Servantb. Melling
Charles RimmerServantU14Ag. Lab.b. Formby

In the 1911 census, in Little Crosby:

Jane LathamHead M 82Private Means (Now) b. Lancs, Little Crosby

In the census form, Mary did not say whether she is Widowed or Married. Someone has added the entry later:



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Death: Mar 1914, Latham, Jane, 85, W. Derby, 8b 365