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Edward Andrew Leatherbarrow

1880 - 20th May 1920

Life History



20th May 1920



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Birth: Dec 1880, Leatherbarrow, Edward Andrew, W Derby 8b 502

In the 1881 Census - The Village, Little Crosby

Joseph LeatherbarrowHead24Shepardb. Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowWife21b. Little Crosby
Mary LeatherbarrowDaughter2b. Little Crosby
Edward A LeatherbarrowSon0 b. Little Crosby
Margaret A GraceBoarder8Scholarb. Liverpool

In the 1891 Census - aged 10, in the house of his parents

In the 1901 Census - aged 20, working as a 'Teamster On Farm' for Henry Jones, at Delph Farm, Delph Road, Little Crosby.

In the 1911 Census - aged 30, still single, 'Horseman on Farm', in the house of his mother in Little Crosby.


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Death: Jun 1920, Leatherbarrow, Edward A, 39, W. Derby 8b 458