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Ted Cowell

Edward Cowell

1898 - 1969

Life History




Married Alice Leatherbarrow




In the 1901 Census

Edward CowellHeadM37Bricklayer b. Little Crosby, Lancs.
Alice CowellWifeM32b. Little Crosby, Lancs.
Edward CowellSon2b. Ince Blundell, Lancs.

In the 1911 Census in Little Crosby

Edward CowellHeadM47Bricklayer b. Little Crosby, Lancs.
Alice CowellWifeM 14 yrs42b. Leighton Buzzard, Beds.
Edward CowellSon12b. Little Crosby, Lancs.

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Birth: Jun 1898, Cowell, Edward W. Derby 8b 493
Marriage: Sep 1925, Cowell, Edward, spouse: Leatherbarrow, W. Derby 8b 978


Edward Cowell's Ancestors

The Cowell family is recorded in Little Crosby in all the censuses, dating back to 1841.

There is a grave in St Mary's, little Crosby with the inscription below. This is the grave of Edward's parents: Edward and Alice.
Why is Matthew, husband of Rose Smith buried with them?

Alice Cowell's Grave Jesus Mercy Mary Help
Merciful Jesus
Give eternal rest to the soul of
beloved wife of Edward Cowell,
Died 24th December 1924,
Aged 55 years.
Also Matthew,
beloved husband of Rose Smith,
died 26th April 1925, aged 50 years.
May they rest in peace
Also Edward Cowell,
Beloved husband of above
died 17th Jan. 1948 aged 81 years

Edward's father in the 1881 Census:

Joseph CowellHeadW58Teamsmanb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Annie CowellDaughterU20Housekeeperb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Edward CowellSon17Labourerb. Little Crosby, Lancashire

Edward's father in the 1871 Census:

Joseph CowellHeadW48Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby Lancs
Margaret CowellDaughterU16b. Little Crosby Lancs
Ann CowellDaughter10Scholarb. Little Crosby Lancs
Edward CowellSon7Scholarb. Little Crosby Lancs

Edward's Grandfather in the 1861 Census:

Joseph CowellHeadM38Carterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Ellen CowellWifeM38b. Lancs. Little Crosby
Joseph CowellSon16Carterb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Alice CowellDaughter14General Servantb. Lancs. Little Crosby
James CowellSon12Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
John CowellSon8Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Margaret CowellDaughter6Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Thomas CowellSon4Scholarb. Lancs. Little Crosby
Mary CowellDaughter2b. Lancs. Little Crosby
Ann CowellDaughter1mb. Lancs. Little Crosby

Edward's Grandfather in the 1851 Census:

Joseph CowellHeadM29Ag. Lab.b. Little Crosby
Ellen CowellWifeM28b. Little Crosby
Joseph CowellSonU6Scholarb. Little Crosby
Alice CowellDauU4Scholarb. Little Crosby
James CowellSonU2b. Little Crosby
Margaret CowellDauU9 wksb. Little Crosby

In the 1841 Census:

Edward's Grandfather is not in Little Crosby in the 1841 Census.
It is likely he was working outsode the village.
There is another Cowell family in the 1841 census (and later censuses) in Little Crosby:

Barbera Cowell35
Margaret Cowell15
Ellen Cowell8
Edward Cowell5