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Robert Wharton

1855 - 17th Dec 1932

Life History

about 1855

Born in Little Crosby.

about 1876

Birth of daughter Elizabeth Wharton in Little Crosby.


Married Alice Orme.

about 1878

Birth of daughter Margaret Wharton in Gt. Crosby.

about 1880

Birth of son Edward Wharton in Gt. Crosby.

about 1883

Birth of son William Wharton in Great Crosby.

about 1889

Birth of son George Wharton in Little Crosby.

about 1890

Birth of daughter Mary A Wharton in Little Crosby.

17th Dec 1932

Died in Little Crosby.



Husband: Robert Wharton - Birth: 1855, Little Crosby, Lancashire
Marriage: About 1877, Lancashire
Wife: Alice - Birth: 1855, Great Crosby, Lancashire
1. Margaret Wharton - Birth: 1878, Great Crosby, Lancashire
2. Edward Wharton - Birth: 1880, Great Crosby, Lancashire
3. William Wharton - Birth: 1883, Great Crosby, Lancashire

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Poss. Birth: Mar 1854, Wharton, Robert, W. Derby 8b 345
Poss. Birth: Mar 1856, Wharton, Robert, W. Derby 8b 373

Marriage: Mar 1876, Orme, Alice, W Derby 8b 779
Marriage: Mar 1876, Wharton, Robert, W Derby 8b 779

In the 1881 census at Loveladys Yard, Victoria Rd, Great Crosby.

Robert WhartonHead26Wheelwrightb. Little Crosby
Alice WhartonWife26b. Gt. Crosby
Edward WhartonSon11Scholarb. Gt. Crosby
Margaret WhartonDaughter3b. Gt. Crosby

The transcipt entry for the son, Edward, above, aged 11, is almost certainly incorrect (given IGI record and the ages recorded in later censuses) and should be 11 months.

Other people on same 1881 census page (i.e. neighbours) in Loveladys Yard

(Robert's wife, Alice Orme, is probably daughter of George and Margaret Orme.)

Thomas LoveladyHeadM 58 General Labourer b. Liverpool
Mary LoveladyWife M 55 b. Gt. Crosby
John LoveladySon S 30 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby
William LoveladySon S 25 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby
Thomas LoveladySon S 22 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby
Henry LoveladySon S 18 Laundress b. Gt. Crosby
Alice LoveladyDaughter S 16 Laundress b. Gt. Crosby
Margaret LoveladyDaughter S 11 Scholar b. Gt. Crosby
Aspon, Thomas Grand Son S 7 Scholar b. Gt. Crosby
John Nephew S 21 Carter b. Gt. Crosby
George OrmeHeadM 59 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby
Margaret OrmeWife M 59 b. Gt. Crosby
Sarah OrmeDaughter S 19 Charwoman b. Gt. Crosby
Emma OrmeDaughter S 17 Charwoman b. Gt. Crosby
*John H WhartonSon In Law S 15 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby
William OrmeSon S 22 General Labourer b. Gt. Crosby

* Who is John H Wharton? - A 15 year old son-in-law? (Shown as 'Single').
In the 1891 census there is a John Wharton, 25, Single, General Labourer, living with his widowed mother Elizabeth, 50, in Ince Blundell.
Language usage of the time suggests that John is the bother of a 'real' son-in-law; i.e. a brother to Robert Wharton who married Alice Orme, daughter of George. But Robert does have a brother John, recorded in the house of his grandmother in 1881.

Robert_Wharton_1932.jpgIn the 1891 census in The Village, Little Crosby

Robert WhartonHead M 36 Wheelwright b. Little Crosby
Alice WhartonWife M 36 b. Great Crosby
Margaret WhartonDaughter S 13 b. Great Crosby
Edward WhartonSon S 11 b. Great Crosby
William WhartonSon S 8 b. Great Crosby
Elizabeth WhartonDaughter S 5 b. Little Crosby
George WhartonSon S 2 b. Little Crosby
Mary WhartonDaughter S 1 b. Little Crosby

In the 1901 census at 44, Cyprus Vale, Great Crosby

Robert WhartonHead M 45 Wheelwright b. L Crosby
Alice WhartonWife M 47 b. Gt. Crosby
Margaret WhartonDaughter S 23 b. Gt. Crosby
Edward WhartonSon S 20 Labourer General b. Gt. Crosby
William WhartonSon S 18 Wheelwright b. Gt. Crosby
George WhartonSon 12 b. L Crosby
Mary A WhartonDaughter 10 b. L Crosby

In the 1911 census at 71 Alexandra Road, Great Crosby

Robert WhartonHead M 55 Wheelwright b. Little Crosby
Edward WhartonSon S 30 Garden Jobbing b. Little Crosby
Alice WhartonWife M 56 Married 32 years b. Little Crosby
Elizabeth WhartonDaughter S 25 b. Little Crosby
George WhartonSon S 22 Wheelwright b. Little Crosby
Mary WhartonDaughter S 21

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Death: Dec 1932, Wharton, Robert, 76, W.Derby 8b 297