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Mary Makin

1801 - 1882

Life History


Born in Ince Blundell, Lancs.

8th Jan 1827

Married Robert Wharton


Birth of son William Wharton in Little Crosby.


Birth of son Henry Wharton in Gt Crosby.


Birth of son Edward Wharton in Gt Crosby.



Marriage: 08 JAN 1827, Sefton, Lancashire, England
Spouse: Robert Wharton

From Marriages at St Helen in the District of Sefton, Liverpool:

Marriage: 8 Jan 1827 St Helen, Sephton, Lancashire
Robert Wharton - Wheelright Bachelor Of this Parish
Mary Makin - (X), Spinster Of this Parish
Witness: Edward Gilbertson; Mary Wharton
Married by Banns by: James Hoggins
Register: Marriages 1813 - 1837, Page 51, Entry 151

From freeBMD

Death: Dec 1882, Wharton, Mary, 82, W. Derby 8b 444

In the 1861 census

Robt WhartonHeadM57Wheelwrightb. Lancashire, Little Crosby
Mary WhartonWife M60b. Lancashire, Ince Blundell
John BellBoarderU14
James WebsterBoarderU26Wheelwrightb. Lancashire, St Helens
William WhartonVisitorM32Wheelwrightb. Lancashire, Little Crosby
John Gee VisitorU23Wheelwrightb. Lancashire, St Helens

In the Little Crosby 1871 census - Not found.

In the 1881 census - The Village, Little Crosby:

Mary WhartonHead (Widow)80b. Ince Blundell, Lancashire
Edward WhartonSon50b. Great Crosby, Lancashire Wheelwright
Elizabeth WhartonWife (Daur In Law)50b. Great Crosby, Lancashire
James WhartonSon (Grand)17b. Little Crosby, Lancashire Wheelwright
John WhartonSon (Grand)17b. Little Crosby, Lancashire Wheelwright
John EsternBoarder (W) 54b. Fools Walton, Lancashire Sawyer

Some Neighbours in the 1881 census - Street address: The Village

John LoveladyHeadM55b. Little Crosby, Lancs.Farmer 50 Acres Ld
Mary LoveladyWifeM41Great Crosby, Lancs.Farmers Wife
Mary LoveladyDauU21b. Little Crosby, Lancs.Farmers Dau
Ellen LoveladyDau5b. Little Crosby, Lancs.Scholar
Mary LuptonNiece10b. Great Crosby, Lancs.Scholar
Alice WareingServantU26b. Little Crosby, Lancs.General Servant
Thomas LeatherbarrowServant41b. Little Crosby, Lancs.Teamsman (Indoor)
Peter RimmerServantU16b. Little Crosby, Lancs.Farm Servant (Indoor)
William MolloyServantU25b. IrelandFarm Servant (Indoor)
Anne MakinHeadU66b. Little Crosby, LancashireLaundress
Thomas NorrisSon In LawM37b. Ince Blundell, LancashireFarm Labourer
Mary NorrisWife (Daur)M35b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Joseph NorrisGrand Son7b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Mary E. NorrisGrand Daur3b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Henry NorrisGrand Son1b. Little Crosby, Lancs.
Edward MakinHeadW69b. Little Crosby, LancashireGame Keeper
James RimmerSon In LawM41b. Little Crosby, LancashireLabourer
Anne RimmerWifeM37b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Edward RimmerGrand SonU15b. Little Crosby, LancashireLabourer
John RimmerGrand SonU13b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
William RimmerGrand Son10b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Mary RimmerGrand Daur8b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
James RimmerGrand Son5b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Alice RimmerGrand Daur3b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Joseph RimmerGrand Son7 mb. Little Crosby, Lancs.
Thomas VoseHeadM39Bickerstaffe, LancashireBlacksmith
Catherine VoseWifeM28b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary VoseDau4b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Martha VoseDau1b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Edward VoseSon2 mb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Martha WilliamsBoarder8b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
James LathemHeadM52b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer 24 Acres
Jane LathemWifeM52b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer Wife
Henry LathemSonU24b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer Son
Mary LathemDauU20b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer Dau
Jane M. LathemDau15b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Mary LathemMotherW75b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
William LathemNephew12b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Beller RichardsonBoarder8b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
Lousie ThomasBoarder7b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
Thomas MorleyServantU19b. Crosby, LancashireFarm Servant (Indoor)
Joseph LewisServantU18b. Pentre, ShropshireFarm Servant (Indoor)
Joseph OrmeServantW56b. Great Crosby, LancashireAgricultural Lab (Indoor)
Edward LathemHeadM23b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarm Servant
Emma LathemWifeM34b. Great Crosby, Lancashire
John LathemSon9b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
James LathemSon4b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Henry LathemSon2b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Elizabeth LeatherbarrowHeadW68b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Alma LeatherbarrowDauU31b. Little Crosby, LancashireDressmaker
William LeatherbarrowSonU26b. Little Crosby, LancashireGardener (...)
Joseph LeatherbarrowG Son11b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Mary Mc SteenBoarder9b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
Mary A. YeatesBoarder6b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
Henry WhartonHeadM65b. Little Crosby, LancashireWheelwright
Mary WhartonWifeM62b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Jane WhartonDauU35b. Ince Blundell, LancashireDressmaker
William WhartonSonU31b. Little Crosby, LancashireBricklayer
Catherine WhartonDauU24b. Little Crosby, LancashireDressmaker
Henry WhartonSonU22b. Little Crosby, LancashireJoiner
Joseph LeatherbarrowHeadM24b. Little Crosby, LancashireShepard
Mary LeatherbarrowWifeM21b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Mary LeatherbarrowDau2b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Edward A. LeatherbarrowSon4 mb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Margaret A. Grace Boarder8b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
James MakinHeadM33b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarm Labourer
Margaret MakinWifeM31b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
John MakinSon3b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Mary MakinDau2b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
John FleetwoodNephew9b. Lpool, LancashireScholar
Mary LathemHeadW65b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer 98 Acres
Richard LathemSonM32b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarmer Son
Elizabeth LathemDau In LawM32Great Crosby, LancashireFarmer Dau
Robert V. LathemGd Son3b. Little Crosby, LancashireScholar
Thomas L. LathemGd Son1b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Richard L. LathemGd Son4 mb. Little Crosby, Lancashire
James NorrisServantU55Thornton, LancashireFarm Servant (Indoor)
Alice MassamServantU20b. Little Crosby, LancashireGeneral Servant
William MassamServantU19b. Little Crosby, LancashireFarm Servant (Indoor)
James SpencerBoarderW65b. Liverpool, LancashireLabourer
William MassamHeadW66b. Little Crosby, LancashireShoemaker
Mary MassamDauU23b. Little Crosby, Lancashire
Thomas MassamSonU22b. Little Crosby, LancashireShoemaker

Other notes

From The National Archives:

Sutton. Order of filiation and maintenance of William, bastard child of Hugh Flin of Rainhill, watchmaker, and Mary Makin QSP/2542/5 1806 7 Oct
[Not this mary Makin.]