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Antony Anniss Drewry

At Uncle Jim's house

23rd Feb 1916 - 14th Dec 1992

Life History

23rd Feb 1916

Born in Acton, London.


Merchant Taylor's School, Crosby.



7th Jun 1941

Married Mary Catherine Vose in Manchester.

14th Dec 1992

Died in Birmingham.


As a boy Tony attended the Merchant Venturer's School in Manchester. The picture of him on the left was taken at his uncle Jim's house in Letchworth in 1932. It appears in the album on the same page as a similar picture of his cousin Bill Knight.

Apart from his time in the army during the second World War, Tony spent his working life with Dunlop's Rubber Company. Tony's career at Dunlop's started as Office Boy (1933) then Ledger Clerk (1935), Trainee (1937), Accountant (1939). After the war he was in accounts as auditor and manager, first in India during Partition (1947), then in South Africa (1950-54), where the family lived at 631, Essenwood Road, in Durban..
When he retired he was Sales Manager at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham.

When the war started most of Tony's school class enlisted as officers (he was refused on health grounds - a back injury in his youth, that troubled him all his life). Within a year 27 of the 30 or so classmates were dead.
Tony eventually enlisted as a private in 1940.
With his private school background, Tony should really have been an officer. When he arrived at the barracks on his first day he was a toff, young and naive. He handed his expensive clothes and suitcase to one of the orderlies asking him to take care of it, as he might have done in a hotel, and never saw the items again.
Tony was the only one in his platoon with a watch. During training, on one of the first nights they asked him to wake them in time for the early call. Somehow he managed to wake them all at three in the morning instead of six.

In his Dunlop's record, Tony describes his war service as: "R.V.L.I., R.A., R.E.; Private, Gunner, Sapper, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer - Everything bar latrine orderly."
His war service was in Sri Lanka, where some of the time he was in charge of an anti-aircraft detachment (which only saw one enemy aircraft during the war). He eventually found himself in charge of around 200 local women, maintaining the airfield's runway. (In Dunlop's he later found himself in charge of a similar number of women in the accounts department.)


Tony and Yvonne



Tony and his mother

Tony and Yvonne

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Tony and his mother


Tony and Bill

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Leaving Africa

Tony March 1947

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