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Winifred Frances Bray

Winnie, 1925

1884 - 1968

Life History

28 Aug 1884

Born in Camberwell.

3rd April 1909

Married Vincent Harold Drewry at St Paul's, Herne Hill.

7th April 1911

Birth of daughter Dorothy Drewry.


Died in Bromley.


From Censuses we know that Winifred's Father was Frederick Bray who worked in the G.P.O.

Her mother was Margaret and her grandfather was Francis Bray. Winifred was the third of six children.

1891 Census, 44, Harold Street, Camberwell.

Frederic BrayHeadM35Assistant Superintendant, G.P.O.b. Stoke Newington
MargaretWifeM36b. London, City
Reginald ASon10Scholarb. Finsbury Park, London
Grace ADaughter8Scholarb. Camberwell
Winifred FDaughter6Scholarb. Camberwell
Frederic H ASon4Scholarb. Camberwell
MaggieDaughter3b. Camberwell
DorothyDaughter4 mths b. Camberwell
FrancisFatherW79Late Warehouseman, Incapacitatedb. Montgomeryshire(?) Newtown.

Drewry Family, 1925, click for larger picture 1901 Census at 24, Wiltshire Road, Lambeth.

Frederick BrayHead45Chief Clerk, G.P.O.
Reginald ASon20Insurance Clerkb. Holloway, London
Grace ADaughter18
Winifred FDaughter16
Frederic H ASon14
Maggie ADaughter13

Vincent and Winifred Marriage Certificate

From Hawera & Normanby Star, Volume LVI, Issue LVI, 8 February 1909, Page 4

The militant suffragettes laid a neat trap for Mr Asquith the other day.
According to Mrs Pethick Lawrence, Miss Kenny and Miss Wentworth, who had been told off. for the purpose, were unable to gain .admission to, the Premier's meeting at Tonybee Hall owing to the strong police force stationed outside, but they managed' to get into the yard by strategy.
When Mr Asquith came out of the hall Miss Kenny caught hold of one of his arms and Miss Wentworth of the other arm. The people standing round were so astounded that they were unable to do anything. Miss Kenny then said, "Mr Asquith, I want to know when you are going to give women the vote," and Mr Asquith, rather flurried, said: "Wait, wait." Miss Kenny said, "No, we can't wait ; our leaders are in prison." Miss Wentworth, on the other side of the Prime Minister, then chimed in, "We cannot wait a day longer." They made quite a speech, said Mrs Lawrence, until they were got away, and Mr Asquith gained his motor car.
At the same meeting Miss Winifred Bray, who had "done time" at Holloway, said that she had had an extraordinary dream on the second night of her imprisonment. She dreamt that she was in church, but instead of a clergyman Mr Curtis Bennett (the committing magistrate) stood in the pulpit, and commenced to preach, and for his text he took the sixth ' verse of the 27th Psalm, "As for me, I am a worm, and no man," and the suffragettes whom she dreamt were in the church said "Hear, hear."

Is this the same Winifred Bray?

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Birth: Jun 1884, Bray, Winifred Frances, Camberwell, 1d 847
Marriage: Jun 1909, Bray, Winifred Frances, Camberwell, 1d 1427