Some notes

The Theatre Royal
"Before the theatre moved to its present location on Drury Lane in 1663 it was on Vere St."
That Vere street no longer exists ("although there is now a different Vere St off Oxford St").

Drury of Hawstead, Ch. V
"1 July 1600 news of the great fight near Nieuport. Sir Francis Vere received three wounds and his horse was killed under him, but being mounted behind Sir Robert Drury he came off again about 500 English were lost Charles Drury brother to Sir Robert and 16 gentlemen of Sir Francisí company."

Travels of Captaine John Smith Volume I (Page 258 of the book which tells the story of Pocahontas)
" The Names of the Adventurers for Virginia, Alphabetically set downe, according to a printed Booke, set out by the Treasurer and Councell in this present yeere, 1620." In the list: Sir Drew Drewry, the Elder, Sir Robert Drewry, Sir Horatio Vere.

Augustus Vere Drury, Capt., seniority:1814, joined navy:14 Feb1793, Married(1): Maria Smythe 1803; Married(2):Jane Williams 1833.

"Augustus Vere Drury died 9 February 1845. He was second son of the late Captain Richard Vere Drury of the Army, Ordnance Storekeeper at Tippnor, near Portsmouth, by Frances, only daughter of Sir George Vandeput, Bart.; and nephew of the late Admiral Thomas Drury." (Source & more..)

Charlotte Vere Drury Born: 1 Apr 1848 at: Mont Seratt, British West Indies; Married: Edwin Wright; Died: 28 May 1931 at: Portsmouth, Isle Of Wight Co., VA

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