Some Lineage

Direct line derived from

1. Drieu de Saint Edmund (b. about 1080)
children: Humphrey de Saint Edmund, Sir Richard de Saint Edmund, Drieu de Saint Edmund.
2. Sir Richard
de Saint Edmund
children: Robert de Thurston, Humphrey de Saint Edmund
3. Robert de Thurston
(R. de Saint Edmund)
(died before 1230)
m. Matilda, children: John de Thurston,
4. John de Thurston (b. about 1180 - d. after 1249)
child: John Drury
5. John Drury ( was an attorney in 1251 - d. after 1309)
children: John Drury, Henry Drury, Roger Drury
6. Henry Drury (born 1240 - 1250; attorney to the Abbot of Saint Edmund's in 1294; d. 1325 - 1330)
m. (i) Hawise de la Grene (d. 1305 - 1315) children: John Drury, Alice Drury [Alice m.William Swething], Matilda Drury, Nigel Drury, Roger Drury
m. (ii) Cecily Reyner
7. John Drury (d.after 1345)
m. Amabilia Newton; children: Sir Nicholas Drury, Roger Drury, [son] Drury
8. Sir Nicholas Drury (served in Ireland in 1369/70, '73, '75; elsewhere in '80; d. after1393/94)
m. Agnes de Saxham; children: Roger Drury [Roger m. (i) Margaret Naunton, m. (ii) Joan], Nicholas Drury, John Drury
9. Nicholas Drury (b. about 1365; d. about 1456,.buried in Thurston Parish Church)
m. Joan Hethe; children: Roger Drury, Henry Drury [Henry m. Elizabeth Heton], Elizabeth Drury [Elizabeth m. Monke]
10. Roger Drury (died on 31 Jan 1493/94)
m. Felice Denston; children: Sir Robert Drury, William Drury [William m.Margaret Briggs], John Drury, Roger Drury, Katherine Drury, [Katherine m.(i) Sir Henry le Strange, m. (ii) Sir Robert Ratcliff], Felice Drury [Felice m. James Andrews]
11. Sir Robert Drury Speaker of the House of Commons 1495 (d. 1535, buried in Saint Mary's, Bury Saint Edmund's)
m.(i) Anne Calthorpe; children: Anne Drury, Sir William Drury [William m. (i) Spouse: Joan Saint Maur, m. (ii) Elizabeth Stoehill], Sir Robert Drury [Robert m. Elizabeth Brudenell], Elizabeth Drury [Elizabeth m. Sir John Jernegan], Ursula Drury [Ursula m. Sir Giles Alington]
m.(ii) Ann Jernegan
12. Anne Drury m. George Waldegrave; children: Edward Waldegrave, Sir William Waldegrave, George Waldegrave, Richard Waldegrave, Anne Waldegrave, Ffillys Waldegrave.

Gleaned from the Russell.Robinson Drewry Lead Page

1. Thomas Drury Fincham, co. Norfolk; buried at St. Martin's Churchyard, 1545
probably descended from the Drury family of Thurston, Suffolk;
children: Thomas Drury of Fincham, Richard Drury of Reach, co. Cambridge, and Exning, Suffolk, William Drury, Margaret [m.(i) King, m.(ii)Thomas Reynolds]
2. William Drury (d. 1570) yeoman of Elsworth, co. Cambridge
m. Etheldred Smith; children: Richard Drury, John [b. 1567; m. twice; children]; Margery [m. Leonard Stout 1617]; Mary.
3. Richard Drury (b. 1560/61, d. 1606 or 1617) citizen and haberdasher of London (1594);
m. Catherine Beswick; children: Etheldred Drury, William Drury of Earith, co. Huntingdon, Rachel [b. 1607, m. Richard Tulle], Catherine (b. 1611) and Richard (b. 1614)
4. Etheldred/Elizabeth
m. Robert Corbett of Longnor, Shropshire, c. 1625.children: Jane (1625, died 1625), Francis (1636), Catharine (1637), Thomas (1639/40), Anne (1641), Hannah (1643), Margaret (1645),

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