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"The firm never built locomotives, and were basically agents. Although they had a works number series, all of their orders were sent to other builders.
They used such firms as Hibberd, Baugley of Burton-on-Trent, Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn, and Vulcan Foundry.
While Drewry supplied quite a number of diesel locomotives to NZR, they only had three that worked on bush tramways. This includes the two that worked for Whakatane Board Mills Ltd."          (Direct quote and picture from Locomotive Manufacturers)

The Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway - The Rolling Stock
The last fling for the DBST was a Drewry petrol railcar with seating for 40 passengers, which arrived in 1926.
The Cavan and Leitrim Railway
Inspection Car No. 5 (5ft 3in Gauge) Built by the Drewry Car Co. Ltd., Burton-on-Trent Works, London in 1927
Rail Bus - The Familiar Cyprus Railbus
"Known as second railcar 'B', this five seat inspection vehicle was made by Drewry in 1932. Amazingly powered by a 7-8hp BSA air-cooled motor cycle engine. The bodywork was added later in Cyprus. "
Amberley Museum Southdown Bus Garage Project
(Picture) When the Museum is not very busy - or sometimes when it is(!) - out comes BP9822 which is a Shelvoke and Drewry Tramocar. A fleet of these small buses served the town of Worthing on the Sussex coast during the 1920s and 1930s.
The majority of surplus items which are made available to the DSA ...
A strange item amongst some MOD surplus sales: "The two types of locomotives are Hunslet (4) and Baguley-Drewry (5), two of which will be retained by the MoD for further use at other sites."
Human Revolution
"As in many revolutions, we had opened quietly some years back. I had seen the odd 350 h.p. English Electric locomotive doing its job quietly and efficiently here and there, but I had not seriously considered the elimination of main line steam. But in the very early hours of a summer morning, only a few weeks before I left Ipswich for the Southern in 1952, I stood outside the shed waiting the arrival of a new locomotive. I can see it as if it were yesterday, a WD 8-wheeler, Driver Arthur English of Ipswich of the red face and the sharply humorous tongue, and behind the tender, clean and tidy and with rods disconnected, a smart little Drewry diesel shunter." And more
"From 1951, diesel-mechanical locomotives built by Baguley in the UK, some for the Drewry Car Company, entered service on Australian sugar mill railways."

Found on Google (search: "DrewryRailCar") - another mixed bag!

African Railcar Preservation
There is a Birmingham RCW/Drewry unit of 1954 vintage standing at Limbe workshops in Malawi (formerly called Nyasaland). It is not usable immediately, but perhaps worth saving, although transport for this one could be a problem in view of the long distances, floods, etc. (Lots of pictures - Geoff would love to hear from you.)
January 99 DREWRY RAILCAR SAVED The First Generation DMU Group has brought one of the Drewry Railcars from the EM2 Group. DB998900 is expected to move to the Northampton Ironstone Railway.
GWRPG locomotives and rolling stock
Baguley Drewry Railcar 4wDMR No. AD9117 can be seen at the G.W.R.P.G. sidings and workshop at Southall.
The Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway - A Pictorial View
Picture of the Drewry railcar in the yard at Terenure.
Locomotives - Irish Narrow Gauge
8 wheel Drewry railcar 1934: bought from Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway, regauged 1944: converted to trailer preserved: Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
Argentine Railway Club - Escalada branch (English summary)
... Also present is the Drewry railcar, a most ingenious little railbus capable of accommodating
1 st and 2 nd class passengers, has 2 bathrooms, postal compartment ...
John Berry
... John is proprietor of JB, offering 16mm motive power based on Roundhouse "Lady Anne"
chassis/boiler and an etched brass Drewry railcar all for both 32 and 45mm ..

And Some More
Shelvoke & Drewry BPL73 Dustcart used in Dad's Army film (1971)
NZ Diesel & Electric Traction: Class RM (Drewry/BRCW)
BR Class 04 Drewry Shunter D2207
Drewry Class 04 shunters
Drewry Shunter 0-4-0 Dm No. ED 16.
A look at the rack engine equipped Vulcan Drewry
Downsizing a Drewry
Drewry Engine 11103 working on Yarmouth Quay (c1955)
Most recent Baguley Drewry Railcar sightings
The Eritrean Railway, October 1997
Tasmanian Locomotives and Rolling Stock
The Drewry former overhead line inspection railcar 998901
Greater Manchester Fire Service auctioned 2 Shelvoke and Drewry hydraulic platforms in 1999.

Tony Drewry, March, 2004