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Welcome to this contribution to Drewry/Drury genealogy. So far it contains a family tree based around the following individuals from the Drewry, Anniss, Vose, and Leatherbarrow families.

Alfred Drewry

Ada Anniss

Edward Vose

Anne Theresa Leatherbarrow

and some notes on:

All contributions (and corrections) welcome.
If you have a page which you would like to have linked from these pages, please let me know. gives Druery (n.) Courtship; gallantry; love; an object of love

"The name signifieth a precious jewel" (Muskett)

Arthur Campling in his introduction to 'The History of the Family of DRURY' (1937), says:
"The two most prominent knightly families in the county of Suffolk from medieval days onwards were the Wingfields and the Drurys .. For in that period Drury has a roll of eighteen Knights, five of whom were Sheriffs of Norfolk and Suffolk, and four Knights of the Shire. Wingfield, seated in East Suffolk, had perhaps the slightly better record, especially in Parliamentary representation. From Sir Nicholas Drury, knighted by Richard II, to that day in 1603 when in the Royal Garden at Whitehall no fewer than four of the name received the accolade from King James; their kin had been typical (and from even earlier times) of all that was best in their division of the country, loyal and capable, they were active in the service of the Crown and prominent among the knightly families of the realm."

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