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Vincent Fava Wood

1858 - 1945

Life History

20th Jan 1858

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland

2 Apr 1885

Married Ellen Sharland


From IGI

VINCENT TAVA WOOD ('Fava' mis-transcribed)
Birth: 20 JAN 1858 Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

Vincent's Marriage


In the 1891 Census, at 321, Milkwood Road, Lambeth

Vincent Fava WoodHead33Surgical Appliance (Inst.) Makerb. Edinburgh, Scotland
Ellen WoodWife27b. London, Middlesex
Alec Vincent WoodSon4b. Peckham, London S.E.
Norman Sharland WoodSon2b. Herne Hill, London S.E.
Laura LingServ.21Domesticb. Newmarket.

In the 1901 Census, at 72, Herne Hill, Lambeth

Vincent Fava WoodHead43Surgical Appliance (Inst.) Maker, Employerb. Edinburgh, Scotland
Ellen WoodWife37b. London, NK
Alec WoodSon14b. London, Herne Hill
Norman WoodSon12b. London, Herne Hill
Gladys WoodDaur.9b. London, Herne Hill
Winifred WoodDaur.7b. London, Herne Hill
Marjory WoodDaur.5b. London, Herne Hill
Jack WoodSon3b. London, Herne Hill
Isabella DrewryNiece20Living on Own Meansb. London, Clapton
Alice CrippsServ.25Cook Domesticb. NK Chiverton
Lucy SmallServ.24Housemaid Domesticb. Devonshire NK.

In the 1911 Census, at 69, Alleyn Park, Dulwich, S. E.

Vincent F WoodHead53Surgical Appliance Manufsb. Scotland Edinburgh Resident
Ellen WoodWife47Married 26 yearsb. London, Bow
Alec V WoodSon24Surgical Appliance Manb. London, Peckham
Norman S WoodSon22Surgical Appliance Manb. London, Herne Hill
Gladys WoodDaur.19b. London, Herne Hill
Winifred WoodDaur.17b. London, Herne Hill
Marjorie WoodDaur.15Schoolb. London, Herne Hill
Constance Turner27Hospital Nurse, Single b. Sussex, Nutley
Jane Howard36Hospital Nurse, Single b. Tenberden, Kent
Grace Cupitt23Domestic Cook Servant, Singleb. London, Dulwich
Ethel Mccullock24Domestic Cook Servant, Singleb. London, Camberwell


Vincent_Wood_1916.jpg In Chemist and Druggist: the newsweekly for pharmacy: Volume 88, 1916; a snippet view in books.google.com.

"Copyright In Trade Price-lists. - Mr. Vincent Fava Wood, carrying on business at 92 and 93 Newington Causeway, London S.E. as a surgical appliance maker was the plaintiff .. that the defendant company, instead of having their own illustrations for their catalogue, copied those of the plaintiff. Plaintiff had been in business since 1884."


Marriage: Jun 1885, Wood, Vincent Fava, Hackney, 1b 749
Death: Dec 1945, Wood, Vincent F, 87, Camberwell, 1d, 490

Ellen Sharland

In the 1871 Census, at Avenue Rd, St Mary Stratford, Bow:

John SharlandHead39Confectionerb. Devon
Frances Sarah SharlandWife34 b. Devon
Frances Sarah SharlandDaughter11Scholarb. Devon
Frances SharlandDaughter9Scholarb. Devon
Ellen SharlandDaughter6Scholarb. Devon

The above 1871 census is strange: there are 2 daughters called Frances; all the family members are shown as having been born in Deveon.

In the 1881 Census, at 10, Glaskin Rd, Hackney:

John SharlandHeadM49Confectionerb. Tiverton, Devon
Frances S SharlandWifeM44b. Stepney, Middlesex
Frances S SharlandDaughterS21b. Mile End, Middlesex
Mary SharlandDaughterS19Pupil Teacherb. Mile End, Middlesex
Ellen SharlandDaughterS17 Apprentice to Surgical Appliance Makerb. Mile End, Middlesex

In 1881 an 'M A Sharland', female, aged 10, is a visitor in the home of Frederick Knight. Frederick Knight was later to be chief engineer at Shelvoke & Drewry. However it looks like Mary A Sharland, b. 1870, in Lambeth is from another family - parents John and Mary.

In the 1891 Census, Ellen's mother is living alone at 10, Chatham Place, Hackney:

Frances S SharlandWifeMarried52b. Stepney, Middlesex