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Ann Parsons

about 1730 - about 1815

Life History

about 1730


13th Jul 1732

Christened in St Martin's Lincoln

24th Oct 1752

Married Robert Drewry in All Saints, Bracebridge, Lincoln

Apr 1754

Birth of son Robert Drewry in Lincoln

May 1754

Death of son Robert Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of daughter Sense Drewry in Lincoln

Aug 1757

Birth of son John Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of son Samuel Drewry in Lincoln

7th Apr 1760

Birth of son Robert Drewry in Lincoln

14th Jun 1761

Birth of son William Drewry in Lincoln

22nd Oct 1761

Death of son William Drewry in Lincoln


Birth of son William Drewry in Lincoln

before 1770

Death of Robert Drewry

23rd Jul 1770

Married Tillotson Laycock in Broxholme, Lincoln


Birth of son John Tillotson Laycock


Death of Tillotson Laycock

about 1815

Died in Eagle, Lincoln


In Ann's Birth Record

Baptism Record

In 1765, "App(eared)d personally Ann Drewry Widow, the Relict of the decea(se)d renounced the Adm(inistratio)n as well for herself and as Guardian elected and assigned to Sense, John, Samuel, Robert, and William Drewry, Minors the children and next of kin of the decea(se)d and William Fenton the Admin(istrato)r within named was duly sworn before me..."


In 1770, five years after Robert's death, Ann married Tillotson Laycock in Broxholme, Lincoln.


One of the witnesses in the above marriage must be Tillotson's father, the other is probably Ann's brother.

Tillotson became stepfather to Anne's children.
Sense, the eldest was about 14 years old, and the youngest, William, only 7.

Ann and Tillotson had a son: John Tillotson Laycock.
Sense Drewry remembers her half-brother, John, in her will.

Tillotson Laycock must have been liked and respected as the name 'Tillotson' is used in the next two generations.

The Family Tree, below is incorrect in respect of the Drewry side but appears to be fine as regards Ann and her family.
Ann and Robert named their daughter for Ann's mother, Sense.


Note that we have discounted the Brant Broughton connection suggested for Robert in the tree above.

Ann's parents' marriage at St Mary le Wigford, 1730.


In Lincs to the Past

Lincoln Brick Company: Long Leys Road

Ann Drewry of Lincoln widow - William Fenton of Rothwell, Yorkshire, esq, - Charles Chaplin of Tathwell esq, - Benjamin Anderson the elder of Lincoln victualler, including mortgages.

Date: 1770-1788

Repository: Lincolnshire Archives [057]