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Thomas Gerard Vose

Uncle Tom

1919 - 1970

Life History

11th March 1919


31st May 1970



Tom was a 'desert rat' in the second world war. He wrote home of seeing the cream of German youth lying dead in the desert, and I believe that terrible experience was to stay with him through the rest of his life.

He was with the troops who fought their way up through Italy and into France, and survived the war but died relatively young. His letters, descriptive but forthright letters of a soldier at war, were too salty for his sister, Theresa, who destroyed them.

Buried with his parents in St. Marys, Little Crosby.

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Tom, about 1940 From FreeBMD

Birth: Mar 1919, Vose, Thomas G, mother: Leatherbarrow, W.Derby, 8b 52

From Death Register:

Thomas Gerard Vose, born 11/3/1919; Death: Apr/Jun 1970, Liverpool, Ref: 10d 467

Inscription taken from the headstone

Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on the soul of Edward Vose
died 26th Sept 1952 aged 71 years
also his son Thomas
died 31st May 1970 aged 51 years.
and also his wife Anne Theresa
died 17th August 1970, aged 82 years

WW2 Photos

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