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Mary Catherine Vose

21st Sep 1914 - 28th Nov 2004

Life History

21st Sep 1914

Born in Little Crosby.

7th Jun 1941

Married Antony Anniss Drewry in Manchester.

14th Dec 1992

Death of Antony Anniss Drewry in Birmingham.

28th Nov 2004

Died in Birmingham.


The house Mary grew up in may once have been a pub. It was a long building split into three dwellings.
The part she lived in, before the family was given a new house, had a cellar. The part her grandmother lived in had a very large kitchen. (The third part of the house was occupied by 'maiden ladies').

There is a story that somewhere in the Vose' history is a child by a (French or Italian?) sailor who came ashore from an Armada shipwreck. In 1588, the ships from the Spanish Armada escaped by going up the east coast of England and around the north of Scotland where many ships were lost to storms.
Any sailor shipwrecked on the West coast of England will be the survivor of a terrible journey, and will have been very fortunate to find himself in the village of Little Crosby, which was a small all-Catholic village that had not been touched by the religious and political strife of the time.

Little Crosby was not touched by the civil war in the following century and remained virtually unchanged - and Catholic - up until the middle of the twentieth century.

The history of the Vose family is closely linked to the Blundells, the village squires, for whom many generations of Vose men have worked. It is possible that the original Vose (perhaps Veaux, or Vaux) was a French mason brought to England by the Blundells, who had estates in, and links with, France.
Or perhaps the original Vose was the shipwrecked sailor mentioned above.
(Coincidentally, Mary's mother-in-law's family, Anniss, may also be descended from a shipwrecked sailor from the Armada.)

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Little Crosby Church, St. Mary's! A fine site by Anna Tumilty.
A Thomas Vose died when a convict ship sank in Table Bay in 1842.


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