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Maude Mary Stewart Drewry

1878 - 1974

Life History



30th Mar 1912

Married George Frederick Story in St Peter's Church, Hammersmith.

3rd Jun 1914

Birth of daughter June Isabella Stewart Story.


Death of George Frederick Story.

13th Mar 1974

Died in Suffolk.


School Record

Maud_Annie_Drewry_school_recordSm.jpg 'M Mary Drewry' (aged 12) and her sister 'A Isabel Drewry' (aged 10) are registered at Goodrich Road School, Southwark, on the 24th February, 1890.

Their home address is given as 232, Barry Road.
The record shows that they have previously been educated privately for 6 and 5 years respectively.

Maudie and Bella (Annie Isabel) were both singers and members of the D'Oyley Carte Opera.

Maude Stewart Drewry engagement

Maude Stewart Drewry engagement finished

In 1903, 'The Stage (28th May, 1903), reports that Maude has changed her stage name and has an engagement with Horace Lingard.

In 1903, 'The Era (25th July, 1903), reports that Maude ended an engagement with Horace Lingard.

William Horace Lingard (1839–1927) "was a 19th century English comic singer" (Wikipedia).
Down Under In the 19th Century says: "A company that had been making an impression on New Zealand audiences at this time was [1880's] 'The Lingards' led by English actor-manager W. Horace Lingard and his wife Alice Dunning Lingard."

In 1904, a Playbill for 'The Girl Who Lost Her Chacter' at the Standard Theatre, 10 October, shows Maude Stewart Drewry in the cast.

1908 - Three postcards

Thora_sm.jpg Maude as Thora in 'The Prodigal Son' 1908

The card on the left, showing Thora full-length is a postcard. Similarly, the card near right is an ordinary postcard, on sale perhaps at performances of the play.

The card far right has Maude's name and address on the back and was probably a hand-out or part of her resumeé presented to casting agents. Perhaps the card was then stored in some way that required her name and address to be written on the front of the card. (The address on the front is actually wrong - showing 50 rather than 30, Lawn Crescent.)



1909 - Far East Tour

On the 13th October, Mr Geo. F. Storey, Gent. and Miss M. S. Drewry, Lady, sailed for Calcutta on the P&O ship 'Caledonia.

They were part of the 'Major Comedy Company' on its way to a tour of Singapore and possibly other countries.

Curiously, Maude is recorded as being Welsh!

1912 - Marriage

at St Peter's Church Hammersmith, 30th Mar 1912.
Daughter of Charles Stewart (Retired) and Julia Drewry nee Fava Wood, married George Frederick Story (Born in Leicester, 6th Apl., 1883; Actor, son of Edward J. Story, Actor.)

The marriage record has them both living at 21, Rivercourt Road.


The witnesses are:

Julia T. Drewry, Edward J. Story, Alfred F. Drewry, Charles S. Drewry

The Stage Yearbook, 1913 lists Miss Maude Stewart Drewry in the cast of 'The Girl From The Jam Factory' - " a domestic drama, in four acts, by Frank Dix", June 3, 1912, at the Royal, Stratford.

In the London Phone Books, from 1930 to 1944

Name: Miss M. Stewart Drewry
Address: 120, Castelnau S.W.13
Phone Number: RIVrside 6280

Is Maude using the address (with her maiden name as her stage name)?
It is actually the address of her parents and family.

In the National Register of September 29th, 1939, four people are shown living at 120 Castelnau, Barnes:

Julia F. Drewry, aged 90; living on Private Means
Maude S. Story, 50 (incorrect !); Unpaid Domestic Duties
June I. S. Story, 25; Teacher of Pianoforte & ?Dance?
and a further person whose details are hidden (probably because they might still be alive when the records were released).

Drewry Family, 1928, click for larger picture Maude, 1928 GRO

Births Dec 1878, Drewry Mary Maud S, W. Ham, 4a 103
Marriage Mar 1912, Drewry Maude S, Story, Fulham, 1a 454

The Municipal Cemetery in Kirkley, Suffolk records:
Maud Stewart Story 1878-1974 Reference number: Su/KMC/LNA223 (grave 9487).



Maude_Stewart_Will Maude's Will

In her Will, dated 13th November, 1968, Maude leaves bequests of £100 to each of the children of her daughter, June McCallum and £200 to Muriel Vera Ambrose , who shares the same address as Maude. The rest of her estate goes to her daughter June.

1925 - An Interview and a Review

An Interview with Maude, 1925 Maude_Stewart_Drewry_theatre.jpg In the Typhoon

India, China, Japan and South Africa all know Miss Maude Stewart Drewry, and, as this much into a much travelled young lady said in the course of my first interview with her, she has knocked about so much and seen enough wonderful sights to fill a book. She gave me a graphic description of an awful experience which befell her in the typhoon. It was the most terrible thing that ever happened to me, she said, and I shall never forget the way in which our small steamer was buffeted about. The huge waves stripped the deck of railings and everything else, and we were expecting to be at the bottom every minute. One of our party had an outside cabin and it was impossible to get to her while the typhoon raged. For over a day she was imprisoned in her cabin, and we could not even get food to her; but, at last, when the gale abated, our Chinese steward managed to fight his way to her rescue. I have a vivid recollection of putting my head out of my cabin door at the moment that a monster wave reared the ship on end. All the luggage came sliding down the corridor with a tremendous bumping, and, as the vessel righted itself the trunks and bags came rushing back again.

From a Fantan party in Tientain to the Derby Grand Theatre is a far cry, but Miss Drewry is equally at home in either. She toured the East with the English Comedy Company, playing comedy of all kinds from Pinero, Shaw, and Barrie to Shakespeare and costume comedy. She also toured South Africa with Leonard Bayne. She had a repertory season at Torquay, and has just completed another with Dorothy Mullard at her Rotherhithe and Islington theatres. She has been to Derby before with Ibsen's Ghosts, and before that with The Prodigal Son. She and her husband George F. Storey had concert party seasons at Weston-super-Mare (with Clay Thomas) and Hastings (with Wallace Arthur} before taking their own party to Weston-super-Mare in 1923. Unfortunately her husband had a serious breakdown, so Miss Drewry returned to the legitimate stage. She is the leading lady in Mr Oswald Cray's Popular Players.