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Harry Rendle Anniss

1855 - 1920

Life History


Born in Stonehouse, Devon.


Married Elizabeth Hannah Terry in Marylebone.

15th Jan 1883

Birth of daughter Ada Anniss in 29, 4th Avenue, Chelsea South East.


Birth of son Harry R. Anniss in Chelsea.


Death of Elizabeth Hannah Terry in Brentford, Middlesex.


Death of Harry R. Anniss


It was hard to confirm Harry's ancestry. Even though his marriage certificate shows Harry's father as Silas R. Anniss, profession: 'Inspector of Police', no census records appeared to show either Harry or his sister, Ada, actually living with Silas R. Eventually, they were found on the next page of the 1861 census.

The marriage certificate

Marriage_Anniss_Terry_1880.jpg See original

The marriage certificate of Harry and Elizabeth, in 1880, has them both 'of full age'. He is a 'bachelor' and a 'Commercial clerk'. She is a widow. They already appear to have the same address (2, Charles Street, Marylebone) and rumour has it that she had been his landlady.

The witnesses are Harry's sister, Ada, and James Roberts. It looks like this was a double wedding as Ada and James were married on the same day in the same church.
Harry and Elizabeth acted as witnesses at their wedding.

In the 1881 England Census at 13, Errington Rd, Kensington, (shared house)

Anniss, HenryHead26Accountantb. Stone House, Devon
Anniss, E HWife36b. London

In the 1891 census at 46, Eccleston Road, Ealing

Harry AnnissHead35AccountantDevonport, Devonshire
Elizabeth H AnnissWife48Cripplegate, London
Ada AnnissDaughter9ScholarChelsea, London
Harry R. AnnissSon5Chelsea, London

Interestingly, Silas's half-brother John Anniss (jr) later names two of his children Ada (1876) and Harry (1878).

In the 1901 census at 46, Eccleston Road, Ealing

Harry AnnissHead (Wid'r)45Accountantb. Devon Stonehouse
Ada Annissdaughter18b. London Chelsea
Harry R. Annissson15b. London Chelsea


Harry's signature In the 1911 census at 46, Eccleston Road, Ealing

Harry AnnissHeadWid55Clerk Railwayb. Plymouth, Devon
Ada Annissdaughter28singleb. Queens Park, London
Harry R. Annissson25 Clerk Railwayb. Queens Park, London


On his daughter's marriage

The 5th December, 1914 is the date of Ada's marriage to Alfred Drewry. The card on the left was presented to "Da Anniss", presumaby Harry.

Mentioned in his mother's Probate


Harry Anniss was at one time president of the Ealing Conservative party - there is a silver plate, with an inscription, that was given to him on retirement. The presentation was recordeed in a local newspaper.

"... presentation of a silver salver was then made by the Chairman to Mr. H. Anniss, the salver. which was suitably inscribed ... given by members on the occasion of Mr. Anniss' retirement from active membership. The Chairman referred to the splendid ... "
[21 August 1915 - Ealing Gazette and West Middlesex Observer - London]

Harry_Anniss_d_1920_sm.jpg Harry was rumoured to have outlived his son Harry and to have eventually drunk himself to death. However, this does not seem to be borne out by the FreeBMD entries or the announcement in the 'Western Morning News' on the 1st January, 1921.

From freeBMD

The death occurs two years before that of his son Harry junior.

Birth: Jun 1855, Anniss, Harry Rundle, Stoke D. 5b 279
Death: Dec 1920, Anniss, Harry R, 65, Brentford 3a 174

Death: Dec 1922, Anniss, Harry R, 37, Brentford 3a 177

Also from freeBMD

There are two other possible entries in freeBMD, but Ampthill, the registration area of birth is in Bedfordshire.

Birth: Sep 1862, Anniss, Harry, Ampthill 3b 352
Death: Dec 1925 Anniss Harry 63 St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 594

The Probate for Harry (1862-1925), below, does not seem right for our Harry, as it benefits a George Anniss who has not surfaced within our research of this family.