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Vincent Harold Drewry

Vince, 1925

1st Jan 1884 - 1973

Life History

1st Jan 1884

Born in London Walworth Rd.

3rd April 1909

Married Winifred Frances Bray at St Paul's, Herne Hill.

7th April 1911

Birth of daughter Dorothy Drewry.


Death of Winifred Frances Bray in Bromley.


Died in Bromley.

Vince and Jim at 'Kingston'


Like his brother James, Vince was an engineer.

In the 1891 census, is shown as: Harold V.  aged 7 yrs .

In 1901 census, aged 17,  Lambeth, Ocupation: Shorthand Clerk.

In February, 1892, in the Goodrich Road (Southwick) School record.

In January, 1894, in the Jessop Road (Lambeth) School record.

In 1901 (22 June, 1901 - South London Chronicle)

"A Foolish Cyclist Fined.

Vincent Drewry, 17, a well-dressed young man, described as a clerk, of Kestrel Avenue, Herne Hill, was charged, before Mr. Hopkins, with furiously riding a bicycle to the common danger of the public. "

Vince was very lucky. As the journalist points out, he could have been facing manslaughter charges.

In the 1911 Census

Vincent H Drewry, Head, 27, married 2, Railway Clerk, Head (London) Office of Foreign Railway, b. Camberwell
Winifred F Drewry, Wife, 26, married 2, b. Camberwell
Daisy Rose, servant 17, single, Domestic Servant, b. Beckenham, Kent

Vince's signature in 1911 census.

Vince - WW1 :

The enlistment papers show that:

Vince's height was 5 feet 6 inches, weight: 10 stone 8 pounds.
He had knowledge of foreign languages and knew how to ride a motorcycle.
He was 32 yrs and 8 months.
Vince's current address was '38, Heybridge Avenue, Streatham'.
He had been educated by 'Private Tutor'
His father is a retired engineer. In his application Vince expresses a desire to be commissioned in the Engineers.

Previous Employment

Vince gives his 'occupation or employment in civil life' as 'Engineering Stores Shipper'
Under 'Positions Held' he states that from 'May 1899 to present' he was "Assistant London Stores Superintendent, Central Argentine Railway Ltd".
The Central Argentine Railway was British owned.
Vince must have been only 15 years old when he started working with them. (The 1901 Census entry lists Vince as a 'Shorthand Clerk').
In 1899, the Drewry Car Company was yet to be registered. When it was, Vince was well placed.

Civil & Etherington (p.24) report that: "The Drewry Car Co Ltd. was registered on 27th November 1906 with its office at River Plate House, 13 South Place, London EC. This address was also the headquarters of a number of British owned Argentinian railway companies .."

Army career

Vince had 'Previous Military Experience' (no. 4808) in the 'Honourable Artillery Coy.' from 3 November 1915, as a driver, gunner, and bombadier.

He was discharged from that territorial force on the 9th August 1916 "in consequence of being appointed to temporary Commission in RE (Inland Water Transport Section)"

"Staff Capts. for Railway Trans. - 9th May 1917; "
"Staff Capts. - 9th May 1917;"
A Medal
The National Archives record that Vince was awarded the '1914-15 Star'.
His rank was 'T/Capt.' in the 1.W.T.RE Corps. The 'Theatre of War' was East Africa.
Service record

A Russian Cigarette Case (See also Charles Stewart Drewry)

My brother visited Vincent in the 1960's, and, amongst other things, was shown a jewel-encrusted cigarette case of great value. Supposedly, this was a gift from the Russian royal family, and if so may have been in relation to the sale of 20 armoured railcars reported in Civil and Etherington's excellent book (p.29):

"Drewry's largest turnover to date, partly due to increased war time production costs was recorded in 1917. No dividend was paid, however, due to uncertainty over settlement of the account for a Russian Government contract worth £7,500 for 20 armoured railcar chassis, which were being delivered as the revolution in that country broke out.
Someone paid up the following year, but whether it was the Russians or the British government (which had placed the order on the Russians' behalf) is not recorded.

In the 1921 census at 38, Heybridge Avenue, Streatham:

Vincent DrewryHeadMarried37 yrs 5 m.Railway Stores Superintendent (Assist) Central Argentinian Railway Ltd.b. London, Camberwell
Winifred DrewryWifeMarried37 yrsHome dutiesb. London, Camberwell
Dorothy DrewryDaughter10 yrs 2 m.b. Beckenham, Kent

Drewry Family, 1925, click for larger picture On 5th Oct, 1928, Vince and Winifred sail first class on the Almanzora from Southampton to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They return on the January 1929 on the Alcantra.

Vincent's profession is given as 'Railway Officer'.
The visit to Argentina probably included Drewry Car Co. business.
In the passenger list their address in England is 49, Lewisham Hill.

In 1934, Vince and Winifred are still at 49, Lewisham Hill. Vince in 'the Phone Book in 1934.jpg.

In 1939, in the National Register of September 29th, Vince and Win are shown living at 'Woodstock', Beckenham Road, Beckenham. Vincent_1939_sm.jpg Vince is still working for the Argentinian Railway. Looks like: 'Stones – shipping dept(?). London Argentine Railways'. Probably J. Stone & Co. of Deptford.
[H. R. Stone, who was Vince's contemporary and probably a colleague, wrote a book British Railways in Argentina: 1860-1948.]

Found in Google Books searches - 'snippets'

The Railway Gazette, 1946, page 49:
.. Mr. Vincent H. Drewry. Stores Superintendent. London, of the ...

Railway Gazette International, 1947, page 49:
.. Mr . Vincent H . Drewry , Stores SuperWest . Chief Architect , Canadian National In 1926 he became Signal Engineer for intendent , London , of the Central ArgenRailways . Eastern Lines . He is a member of the ine Railway , and of the Buenos ...

Railway Gazette International, 1947, - Volume 85 - page 77
.. Dinner to Mr. Vincent Drewry As was briefly recorded in our last week's issue, Mr. Vincent H. Drewry, on July 9, was entertained to dinner at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, W.l, on the occasion of his retirement from the position of Stores ...

  Vince's Vines - click for complete article
In 1948, Vince's green fingers earned him a two-page spread in 'Sport and Country' (17th November).

They are living in Beckenham

In 1953, they are still living in Beckenham. Vince in the Phone Book in 1953


In 1971, Vince is living in West Wickham and probably should not be driving.



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Birth: Mar 1884, Drewry Vincent Harold, St.Saviour, 1d 188
Marriage: Jun 1909, Drewry Vincent Harold, Camberwell, 1d 1427
Marriage: Jun 1909, Bray Winifred Frances, Camberwell, 1d 1427