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Martha Voce

about 1821 -

Life History

about 1821



? Had a 'relationship' with Joseph Fisher


Birth of son Thomas Voce in Bickerstaffe, Lancashire


Martha's birth date is derived from the 1841 census and is only approximate as ages in that census were rounded down to the nearest 0 or 5 - if the individual is older than 15. Martha's date of birth could be as early as 1816.
It is possible that the Martha Voce in this census is not our Martha, but she looks like a good candidate.

In the 1841 census, (6th June) in Bickerstaffe

Isaac VoceHead60Farmer
Margaret Voce45
Ellen Voce2
Martha Voce20FS
Thomas Voce10 months

and four men (None named Fisher), each marked MS - Male Servant. Probably 'MS' and 'FS' signify farm hands.

No relationships are defined in the 1841 census, so we do not know for example that Martha is Isaac's daughter. Martha might be (probably is) a relative who has been taken in as a servant and/or farmhand with her illegitimate son, Thomas.

From freeBMD

Possible Death: Mar 1849, VOSE, Martha, Liverpool 20 365

From IGI [a possible]
The only birth or christening record record in Lancashire for a Martha Vose/Voce between 1815 and 1835:

Martha Voce
Christening: 16 NOV 1829, Saint Peter, Liverpool
Father: Thomas Voce
Mother: Maria

It is possible that the christening took place some time after the birth.

From IGI [a possible for Martha's Parents:]

Thomas Vose
Marriage: 25 NOV 1809, Saint John, Preston, Lancashire
Spouse: Mary Caton

The above marriage date would be about right to become the parents of Martha.

Isaac Vose

In the Burials at St Michael in the Parish of Aughton there is:

Burial: 3 May 1853, St Michael, Aughton, Lancashire
Isaac Voce
Age: 73 years
Abode: Bickerstaffe
Notes: R. Catholic
Register: Burials 1813 - 1857, Page 183, Entry 1459


1. Isaac Voce
Birth: 1778, Bickerstaffe, Lancashire

2. Isaac Voce
Christening: 02 SEP 1778, Ormskirk, Lancashire Father: JOHN JOSE [!]

In the Baptisms at St Peter and St Paul in the Parish of Ormskirk:

Baptism: 2 Sep 1778 St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire
Isaac Vose - Son of John Vose & Mary
Abode: Burs[cough]
Register: Baptisms 1771 - 1794, Page 32, Entry 38

This is probably Isaac's first marriage. In the 1851 census he has a grandson aged 13 as well as a daughter aged 12.

Marriage: 31 OCT 1798, Wigan, Lancashire Spouse: ELLEN LIDGET

In the Marriages at All Saints in the Town of Wigan:

Marriage: 31 Oct 1798 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire
Isaac Vause - (X), of Upholland
Ellen Lidget - (X), of Upholland
Witness: Wm. Bancks; James Gregory
Married by Banns by: T. Meyrick
Register: Marriages 1790 - 1803, Page 217, Entry 897

This marriage is probably that of Isaac Vose of Windle, recorded as aged 50, a widower (and a blacksmith) in the 1851 census. He is old enough to be Martha's father.

Marriage: 22 OCT 1821 Saint Peter Church Street, Liverpool Spouse: MARY WHITTAKER

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This is probably Isaac's second marriage.

Marriage: Jun 1838, Ball, Margaret, Ormskirk 21 297
Marriage: Jun 1838, Vose, Isaac, Ormskirk 21 297

In the 1851 census: (1841 census is above)

Isaac VoceHead72Farmer of 34 Acres, Employing 5 Labs.b. Lancashire Burscough ?
Margaret VoceWife57b. Lancashire, Ormskirk
Ellen VoceDaur12Scholarb. Lancashire, Bickerstaffe
Thomas Voce10Scholarb. Lancashire, Bickerstaffe
Wm. VoceGrandson13Scholarb. Lancashire, Bickerstaffe
Mary HeyesServ29House Servantb. Lancashire, Bickerstaffe
and four young men - Farm Labourers

Other Notes

In the Burials at St Peter and St Paul in the Parish of Ormskirk there is:

Burial: 3 Oct 1838: St Peter and St Paul, Ormskirk, Lancashire
Martha Voce
Age: 26 yrs
Abode: Bickerstaffe
Buried by: Wm Wannop Curate
Register: Burials 1825 - 1843, Page 404, Entry 1508

In the Baptisms at St Peter in the City of Liverpool there is:

Baptism: 17 Nov 1829 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Martha Voce - [Child] of Thomas Voce & Maria
Abode: Bridgewater St
Occupation: Labourer
Baptised by: Tho. Johnson Curate
Register: Baptisms 1829 - 1830, Page 167, Entry 1336

In the Burials at All Saints in the Parish of Rainford there is:

Burial: 2_ Jun 1810 All Saints, Rainford, Lancashire
Martha Vose - Wife of William Vose
Abode: Sutton
Occupation: Blacksmith
Notes: [Date of burial unclear due to crease in book]
Register: Burials 1765 - 1812, Page 32, Entry 11

See also: Vose and Voce in the 1841 Census