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Harry Rendle Anniss

1885 - 1922

Life History


Born in Chelsea.


? Married Edna Prosser.

27th Dec 1922

Died in Ealing.


Harry, according to Mary Drewry married his landlady, a woman with the surname Prosser,  who it is rumoured, may have killed an earlier husband. The rumour has it that Harry died of pneumonia, supposedly leaving all his money to his wife, in entail to his sister Ada.
(Again rumour has it that 'Prosser' assisted in Harry's death by leaving his window open.)

Harry_Anniss_Elect_List_1922.jpg However other than the probability that Mrs Prosser was Harry's landlady, this appears to be a totally baseless, if not scurrilous rumour.

There is no record of a marriage.

The 1922 electoral list on the right shows Edna Prosser and Harry R. Anniss living at 26 Hastings Road, apparently not married.

The 2 columns in front of the names denote local and national qualification to vote - by 'O'ccupation or 'R'esidency.
Edna can vote in both national and local elections;
The 'J' after Edna's name indicates that as the householder she is eligible for jury service.
It certainly looks like Edna is the landlady.

Edna is not recorded as attending Harry's funeral. Nor is she mentioned in the Probate.


See 'Registration of Probates'


From FreeBMD

Birth: Dec 1885, Anniss, Harry Rondle, Chelsea 1a 396
Death: Dec 1922, Anniss, Harry R, 37, Brentford 3a 177

Also from FreeBMD

Birth: Jun 1886, Anniss, Henry, St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 478, but I think the above record is the correct one.

Marriage: Sep 1902, Anniss, Harry, E.Stonehouse 5b 624
Marriages Jun 1910, Anniss, Harry, Hartlepool 10a 179
(but neither of the above marriages has a Prosser named in the same page of the register)

Marriage: Sep 1911, Annis, Harry R, Abingdon 2c 671
which could be our Harry Anniss, but the only other name/entry on the page is:
Marriage: Sep 1911, Tyrrell, Emily M, Abingdon 2c 671