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Charles Stewart Drewry

4th Sep 1876 - 1961

Life History

4th Sep 1876

Born in 9, Upper Road, Plaistow.


Death of mother, Margaretta Main

11th Feb 1878

Father marries Julia Fava Wood.

24th Sep 1904

Married Edith Chappell in Manchester.

10th Feb 1908

Birth of daughter Edith Stewart Drewry in Barton-upon-Irwell.


Birth of son Charles S Drewry in Chorlton.


Birth Certificate

In the birth certificate, his father is an engineer, living at 9, Upper Road, Plaistow.

Charles Stewart's birth certificate

Charles Stuart's baptism entryCharles was baptised, in 1877, as Charles 'Stuart' Drewry in St Mary Magdalene Parish, Middlesex.
(In his birth certificate he is definitely 'Charles Stewart'.)

In the 1891 census, Charles Stewart jr., living with his father, is 14 years old, occupation 'Shop Boy'.

Army Record

Charles does not appear in the 1901 census. He was in the Army. (Click on the images below to see his record.)

CSD_1876_RoyalArtilleryRecord4sm.jpg CSD_1876_RoyalArtilleryRecord4sm.jpg CSD_1876_RoyalArtilleryRecord4sm.jpg CSD_1876_RoyalArtilleryRecord4sm.jpg

Charles joined the Royal Artillery in February 1896.
He had previously been a member of the 1st Middlesex Engineer Volunteers.

His school record appears as the Duke of York's Military School and the Royal Hibernian Military School - leaving in 1896 with a 2nd class Certificate of Education.

In 1899, he was posted as a driver in the Ammunition Column to Bloemfontein, serving in the South Africa Campaign until 1902. (Second Boer War) - Was Charles in South Africa at the same time as Jim? Did they meet up?

Charles was awarded the Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps 'Relief of Kimberley' and 'Paardeberg'. He was also awarded the King's medal with clasps '01' and '02.

He was discharged in February 1908.

Charles' marriage is recorded and his wife Edith replaces his father as next of kin.

In the 1911 Census:

Charles Stewart DrewryHead33Goods Checker, Docksb. Hackney London
Edith DrewryWife31married 6yrsb. Seacombe, Cheshire
Edith Stewart Drewrydaughter3b. Manchester Lancs.

Googling 'Goods Checker' throws up links to railways. Probably a supervisory position with some authority. (The Docks were a large operation at that time.)

In the 1921 Census at 4, Forrest Street, Hulme, Manchester

Charles Stewart DrewryHead43yrs 9mthsGoods Checker, Manchester Ship Canalb. London, Hackney
Edith DrewryWife41yrs 7mthsHome Dutiesb. Seacombe, Cheshire
Edith Stewart Drewrydaughter13yrs 4mthsb. Manchester Lancs.
Charles Stewart Drewryson8mthsb. Manchester Lancs.

Charles did not attend the family reunion at his father's 1928 wedding anniversary.

From BMD

Death: Sep 1961, Charles S Drewry, 84, Manchester, 10e 195