Barbara Cecelia Drewry Mini tree diagram

Don in his RAF uniform,
stationed at Uxbridge in WWII

Thomas Donald Easton

6th Apr 1905 - Mar 1975

Life History

6th Apr 1905


Sep 1937

Married Barbara Cecelia Drewry

Mar 1975



Don Easton was a draper. He and his wife Barbara moved to Beaconsfield in Bucks where they bought a shop (see below) which eventually became a small department store.

Don and Barbara were very prominent in the town and Don was deputy Mayor of Beaconsfield in 1974 and would have been mayor the next year, but unfortunately died before taking up the post. After his death Barbara became Mayor.

In the 1911 census, at 4, 5 and 6 Vine St Uxbridge:

Thomas George EastonHeadM41 Draper & Outfitter
(Shopkeeper) Employer
b. Pinner, Middx
Gertrude EastonWife M42Married 7 years b. Cradley, Staffs
Thomas Donald EastonSon5 b. Middx, Uxbridge
Harry Kenneth EastonSon4b. Middx, Uxbridge
Frederick Roy EastonSon2b. Middx, Uxbridge
Kitty SmithNurseS24Childrens Nurse (Domestic) b. Staffs, Burton on Trent
Daisy ThrushServantS18General Servant Domestic b. Wilts, Swindon
Lily ThrushServantS19General Servant Domestic b. Wilts, Swindon
Florence ShepperdServantS25 Milliner, draperyb. Beds, Leigthon Buzzard
Frances Kate CrouchServantS22Shop Assistant, draperyb. Herts, Baldock


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Birth: Jun 1905, Easton, Thomas Donald, Uxbridge 3a 31

Marriage: Sep 1937, Easton, Thomas Donald, spouse: Drewry, Hitchin 3a 3876


Baby Don Don aged 69 Don and Barbara - Wedding Don's shop Don's obituary

Eastons and Bloomers

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Marriage: Mar 1904, Bloomer, Gertrude, W.Bromwich, 6b, 1023
Marriage: Mar 1904, Easton, Thomas George, W.Bromwich, 6b, 1023

In the 1901 census, Eastons at 5 & 6 Vine St Uxbridge:

Thomas EastonHeadM59Draper Shopkeeperb. Batsford, Gloucestershire
Hannah EastonWifeM63b. Bridgnorth Salop
Thomas Geo EastonSonS31Draper's (Shop) Assistantb. Pinner, Middlesex
Louisa E PrimeServantS30Draper's (Shop) Assistantb. Writham, Norfolk
Maria B C BachiniServantS31 Draper's (Shop) Assistantb. Luton, Bedfordshire
Alice B WilkinsonServantS24Cook Domesticb. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Annie WilkinsonServantS22 Housemaid Domesticb. High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Frank ThomasServantS18Draper's (Shop) Assistantb. Bingham, Nottinghamshire

In the 1901 census, Bloomers at 34, Haughton Road, Handsworth, Warwickshire:

Alfred BloomerHead M65Traveller Cycle Tyresb. Cradley, Worcestershire
Jane BloomerWifeM56b. Cradley, Worcestershire
Harry H BloomerSonS34Chartered Accountantb. Cradley Heath, Staffordshire
Gertrude BloomerDaughterS32b. Cradley Heath, Staffordshire
Nellie T BloomerDaughterS30 Commercial Clerkb. Cradley Heath, Staffordshire
Julius H BloomerSonS28Chartered Accountantb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Mary BowdleyServantS18General Domesticb. Chasetown, Staffordshire

In the 1891 census, Eastons at 5 & 6 Vine St, Hillingdon, Cowley:

Thomas EastonHeadM49Draperb. Gloucestershire, Batsford Park
Hannah EastonWifeM53b. Bridgnorth, Shropshire
May SachBoarderS27Millinerb. Ipswich, Suffolk
Kate DuckBoarderS18Millinerb. Barnes, Surrey
Frederick CurryBoarderS16 Draperb. Dorking, Surrey
Mary FryerServantS17General Servantb. Denham, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth BarkerServant S19General Servantb. West Drayton, Middlesex

In the 1891 census, at 35, Beach Road, Yardley, Spark Hill, Warwickshire:

John CooperHeadM36Merchants Clerkb. Worcester
Elizabeth CooperWifeM33b. Tividale, Staffordshire
Thomas G EastonBoarderS21Drapers Assistantb. Pinner, Middlesex

In the 1891 census, Bloomers at 30, Westminster Road, Handsworth, Warwickshire:

Alfred BloomerHead55Travellerb. Cradley, Worcestershire
Jane BloomerWife46b. Cradley, Worcestershire
Harry H BloomerSon24Accountant Clerkb. Rowley, Staffordshire
Gertrude BloomerDaughter22b. Rowley, Staffordshire
Julius H BloomerSon18 Accountant Clerkb. Rowley, Staffordshire

In the 1881 census, Eastons at Box Cottage, Pinner:

Thomas EastonHead M38Draperb. Batsford, Gloucestershire
Hannah EastonWifeM40b. Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Thomas George EastonSonS11 b. Pinner, Middlesex
Willie Ernest EastonSonS8b. Pinner, Middlesex

In the 1881 census, Bloomers at 233, Victoria Rd, Aston, Warwickshire:

Alfred BloomerHeadM44 Traveller (India Rubber)b. Worcester, Worcestershire
Jane BloomerM36Traveller Wifeb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Harry H BloomerSonS14Scholarb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Gertrude BloomerDaughterS12Scholarb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Alice B BloomerDaughterS11Scholarb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Nellie T BloomerDaughterS10Scholarb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Julius H BloomerSon SingleS8Scholarb. Worcester, Worcestershire
Elsie B BloomerDaughterS4Scholarb. Warwick, Warwickshire

In the 1871 census, Eastons at West End Lane, Pinner:

Thomas EastonHead 28Shopmanb. Gloucestershire, Batsford
Emma EastonWife25b. Middlesex
Thos George EastonSon1 b. Middlesex, Pinner

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Marriage: Sep 1868, Easton, Thomas, Marylebone, 1a, 945
Marriage: Sep 1868, Harris, Emma, Marylebone, 1a, 945

In the 1871 census, Bloomers at Kings Street, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire:

Alfred BloomerHead 35Builderb. Worcestershire, Halesowen
Jane BloomerWife26b. Worcestershire, Halesowen
Harry H Bloomer Son4b. Staffordshire, Rowly Regis
Gertrude BloomerDaughter2b. Staffordshire, Rowly Regis
Alice B BloomerDaughter1b. Staffordshire, Rowly Regis
Nellie T BloomerDaughter0b. Staffordshire, Rowly Regis
Elizabeth HallettServant16General Servantb. Worcestershire, Stourbridge

Also in King's Street (2 doors down?) is the family of Joseph Bloomer, 33, 'Heater', b. Worcestershire, Halesowen - a relation, brother perhaps to Alfred.

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Is this the record of Alfred's marriage to Jane? or is it the record of a brother and sister sharing the same marriage day?

Marriage: Mar 1866, Bloomer, Alfred, Stourbridge, 6c, 223
Marriage: Mar 1866, Bloomer, Jane, Stourbridge, 6c, 223